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Jan. 17, 2019

The Greatest Of All Time A Poetic Tribute
Muhammad Ali

In 1960 Clay made his mark
Many in Rome thought Clay was simply a lark
Clay ran through his opponents never receiving a mark
Clay was pretty so quick as panther’s prowl
Those quick hard jabs caused many to throw in the towels
Clay's quick movements were meant to arouse
In 64 the entire boxing world feared Liston’s the most
Sonny made Floyd looked as weak as milk toast
He hit Floyd so hard it was easy for Sonny to constantly boast
People thought he'd turned Floyd into the New Jersey ghost
So when Clay turned his eyes to Sonny’s mean glare
Everyone in America thought Clay needed some divine prayer
Heck Clay even called Sonny Liston a big old ugly bear
Ain’t no damn way this bear could catch the Clay the hare
Cassius was headed straight into Sonny’s mean lair
So in the heat of Miami on that warm winter’s night
Sonny Liston’s championship crown was about to take flight
You see Cassius Clay never showed any sights of pure fright
He plays with Sonny as one would play with a kite
Even though Sonny swung with all his damn might
Cassius Clay was about to rise to the greatest of heights
He and his nation were hellbent to fight right
You see it was on the night that he blew into that Miami ring
In all our black communities the black youth started to sing
You see this black man was not going to be pulled by any government string
Nor would he allow anyone to put his mouth a sling
He was seemingly Cassius Clay for only a day
You see Muhammad Ali and the Black Muslims put that Clay name away
Then if his opponents refused to honor name Muhammad Ali
Muhammad made sure that his fists would make them pay
You honored his name or you became his hard straight jabs prey
While Ali fought in the ring to earn his payday
His real work was spent honoring and praising Allah
The Nation of Islam was Muhammad Ali’s true great calling
For once Muhammad Ali committed to his cause he’s never again be caught crawling
Fighting for justice left most of his sworn enemies sprawling
One day in Houston he refused to go fight in the Army
You see to Muhammad Ali the nation’s cause was quite alarming
America snatched up his crown and convicted him quickly
Heck most of White America viewed Ali quite damn sickly
How dare that he reject America’s demand
Who cares if this war was not part of his religious command
No way that this man would take this hard stand
So everyone in the white press called for his ban
For more than a 1000 days he would wait
Never once did Ali breakdown and cut bait
You see justice was entirely greater than great
Ali stood tall and many others would fall
This epic battle would not be his downfall
He came to the ring with an absolute vengeance
Fought many a fight against foes near and far
Ali would become an international star
Heck I think Ali could have been elected czar
Following Ali was like always being in an Arabian bazaar
He fought through the ’70s some said he should stop
You see no boxer ever has beaten the body’s time clock
This man who was ever so brash, bold and defiant
Was headed straight to be a full-time medical client
Ali who spoke with such vigor and vim
Ali who could put words together with ease
Ali who could make rhymes dance off his tongue like a breeze
That Ali was left in that boxed boxing ring
The new Ali now was maintained and hamstrung
You see this Ali had seeming lost his great tongue
No more could he chatter
No longer the mad hatter
He still, however, had that dynamic gray matter
However, without that bold voice did it all really matter
For almost three decades he was with us after his voice had taken flight
For those who had loved him, this was no a great sight
However, we will always love him with all of our mightiest might
You see Muhammad Ali stood for everything being righteously right.
He was indeed the greatest of all time and I hope that you all
will appreciate my last rhyme
Happy Birthday To The Greatest Boxer of All Time
The ultimate warrior in and out of man's ring
For all Muhammad Ali wanted was for the truth and justice bell to ring, ding, ding, ding


Jan. 16, 2019

As the Civil War was concluding a path to black equality had to be paved. Millions of former slaves needed to get a start towards being able to fend for themselves, take care of their families, and continue to help build our America. So on January 16, 1865, William T. Sherman who had historically marched from Atlanta to the South Carolina coast delivered a proposal that would give former slaves an opportunity to build their own nation within a nation.

Field Order #15 approved by the Secretary of War Stanton, most likely approved also by the Secretary of State Seward, signed by the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln and issued by General William T. Sherman was the historic Field Order #15 was supposed to be the initial distribution of land to the recently freed black men of United States. On January 16, 1865, the initial allocation of 40 acres of tillable land. The mule came in another Field Order, yes 40 acres and a mule for more than 2 centuries of slavery. Guess you know the rest of the story, Black America is still waiting for that check stamped insufficient funds to be paid. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of about that bouncing check of justice on August 28, 1963, 98 years after General Sherman's proposal for black American reparations.

The United States has continued to historically pass the proverbial buck administration to administration for the past 150 years, our government has paid reparations to many races, and creeds during that period of time. Yet black Americans whose ancestors faced and received the most atrocious, terrorized treatment for more than 4 centuries have seen their pleas ignored. Even though the United Nations in 2017 recommended​ black citizens of the United States of African descent get substantial reparations. Even when though for eight years (2009-2016) the United States had a black man housed in ​America's house, the leader of our nation, people of African descent in this country​ didn't get as close to receiving reparations as they did when General William I Sherman issued Field Order #15, 154 years ago today.

Jan. 16, 2019
Provoked Thoughts
The Radical Martin King
Dr. Martin Luther King's last great struggle was the battle for economic equality in this land of supposed prosperity. As a manner of fact, many intellectuals believe that this economic objective for parity was the primary reason why Martin King was targeted for assassination in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968. Martin King asked that the institutional powers that controlled the wealth distribution in this country be truly held accountable for ensuring that each American, no matter their race, creed, religion, or color have ample opportunities to enjoy fully the fruits of their labor. Martin King also wanted the doors of opportunity opened that had been closed to a vast majority of America's poverty-stricken citizens.
Martin King was never able to see to the final climax of his effort to illuminate poverty in April 1968 that would culminate as his Poor People's Campaign. It was Martin King's intention to press the visibility of America's forgotten poor during this campaign that would put a bright shining light on the darkness of inhumane justice, economic deprivation, and social inequality. This was Martin King's aim as the radical voice for a true reawakening of the preamble of the American Constitution that guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness along with the promise of equality across the board for each and every American. Martin King's true purpose for this convergence in our nation's capital was to cash that promissory note that had been neglected for almost three and 1/2 centuries. Martin King wasn't just concerned about America's promissory note but Martin King was also calling for an international payment due to the multitudes of suffering peoples throughout the world.
As Martin King told Andrew Young and Harry Belafonte in New York in late 1967, "I have led my people through integration into America's burning house of injustice, and economic inequality", his project related to the Poor People's Campaign was to develop a nation of firefighters willing to put out those fires that had burned so long that hope was on a cliff waiting to collapse. So, Martin King proposed a series of direct mass action non-violent demonstrations in which poor peoples of all colors and creeds would speak directly to the forces of power in the world's most nation. This wouldn't be a day-long demonstration like the one that occurred on August 28, 1963, Jobs and Freedom March. The participants would set up a village, a mini-city on the Mall in Washington, DC and stay until the principle issues were addressed.
Dr. King also planned mass demonstrations in major urban cities across America, the movement would also include demonstrations in areas where poverty was concentrated. Martin King wanted these demonstrations to provide a voice to the voiceless, and power to the powerless. You see Martin King mind, the Radical King, the dream he spoke of on that August 28, 1963, was a distant memory. One that captivated an audience but had been ignored because the essential elements of the speech had been ignored.
The Radical Martin King understood that the economic inequality or economic gap that had existed between the many poor and those few with the real economic power in this nation and the world had to be addressed and eliminated. It was Martin King's drive to lessened that economic gap that threatened the institutions of white supremacy and thus put a direct target on the chest of Dr. King. Over the past 50 years (1968-2018) in America the wealth gap between the haves and the have-nots has continued to widen tremendously; with no signs or hope of any meaningful way to bring that gap to any positive solution. This week as we continue to salute the Radical, not the Homogenized Martin Luther King, we should understand that the drum major principle is still needed for our America to truly prosper. In a world where only "eight men" have more economic worth combined than 3.6 billion of the world's population. It should be disconcerting to every person that such an economic disparity can and still exists.
Had Martin King lived beyond April 4, 1968, you have to wonder if even he would have been able to carry off his proposed Poor People's Campaign? You see nearly 1/2 of Black America in 1968 had stopped listening to his message of direct nonviolent action to solve the racial problems that beset our America. One thing I know for certain is that the Radical Martin King would've continued to demand solutions to this troubling economic equation. Martin King wouldn't be bowing down attempting to meet with an individual whose sole purpose was to widen the income gap not level it off or lower it. He wouldn't be running to White House for photo ops. Nor would the Radical Dr. King be housed in a majestic building counting his parsonage tithes. Martin King would have stayed on our streets working for change. The Radical King is what is missing now in our communities, The RadicalMartin Luther King that scared the absolute shit out of J.Edgar Hoover.
Jan. 15, 2019

"Historical Perspective
Republican Presidents

“First Andrew Johnson was deemed the worst Republican President for denying rights to just freed slaves then Herbert Hoover came along and depressed the entire land
then Richard Nixon held the mantle for his enemies lists and sneaky ass tricks he was the worst Republican President but then came George W. Bush Who took the crown away creating weapons of mass destruction on shores far away he was the worst Republican President but Donald Trump has surpassed them all as the worst Republican President he’s surpassed Johnson, Hoover, Nixon, and Bush in so little time Trump’s possibly guilty of treason and that’s ultimately the worst Presidential crime. Tomorrow many suffering Americans will be missing Food Stamps and children will go hungry that’s an even worst human crime. My question is this when will Mueller come back with indictments
so this cat can start doing some real prison time?”


Jan. 15, 2019

"I simply cannot understand all these black folks posts about Trump feeding a college football team fast food at the White House. We got so many issues within our communities, why are we bitching about what a team eats at an irrelevant event of celebration? We need to be more concerned about the black children in this country who went to bed hungry last night or when to school today unprepared to learn because of conditions in their communities that restrict the learner's experience. Until we can solve our many problems what is served to football players at the White House is inconsequential. We have illiteracy problems, incarceration problems, economic problems, health problems, educational problems, and children who live in a constant state of hopelessness but I see these posts about fast food being fed to football players as an embarrassment to our communities, really? You really concerned about that meal when the government is shut down? When the reality is that most of America is 90 days from bankruptcy and this shutdown is edging many of our people closer to the economic cliff of despair? Wake up now and be conscious of what is going on around you. This is a time when we need to maintain careful vigilance of conditions in our communities. Personally, I really don’t give a damn if a college football team got feed burgers and fries."