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Jan. 19, 2020

One year from today will either be Donald Trump’s last full day in office, or it will be the day before his swearing in ceremony for his second and final term. Since January 20, 2017 The Trump Presidency has been the most controversial administration in modern times. Has there ever been a period of more political contention in the Executive Office? I mean Clinton has his troubles with the Whitewater Investigation and the stained blue dress but even though Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives. Clinton still was accepted to be presidential by a vast majority of the American population. George Bush started a war in search of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction but he was considered presidential by the majority of the American population. Hell, even Richard Nixon was never as vile as Donald Trump has been. Nixon had the infamous enemies list but Nixon still was considered presidential. I mean looking back in history I can see only one President who was as hated as Donald Trump, Andrew Johnson and he was only 1 Senate vote short of actually being convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors after being impeached by Congress. As Donald Trump begins either his last 365 days in office or just is at the beginning of another 4 years. One has to wonder how in the name of the Constitution can this man even be considered electable in November 2020. The two words that make his election possible is the Electoral College. Trump will face a trial in the Senate for the Articles of Impeachment passed by Pelosi’s Congress but McConnell’s Senate will find him innocent. Then the election fun will be in full effect as Trump will lose the popular vote by a substantial number but still be a viable candidate because of the Electoral College. Because the key battleground states can and will be won with a simple majority of voters. Thus Trump can lose big in the Democratic stronghold states but still carry a re-election by winning the all the southern states and holding on to those critical battleground states he won in 2016. Is this fair,is this possible, yes. Will it probably happen? Most likely. How will this outcome be changed? Well, hopefully the democrats will nominate a candidate who can be competitive in those battleground states. That’s what this election will end up a few states because America is as split a nation now as it was in 1865 when the last truly terrible president was in office. Andrew Johnson was never elected and it is my fervent hope that Donald Trump will only have one bite of the apple. I don’t believe our nation can stand another four years of Donald Trump. So, battleground states it’s up to your voters the majority of Americans have already decided that the current resident in White House only has 365 more days to go.

Jan. 18, 2020

I simply cannot understand the reason why black folks are seemingly giving Biden a pass in this democratic presidential selection election? It was his political agenda and motivated actions that moved this nation to the mass incarceration of young black men when he was Senator Joe Biden from Delaware. Now old Papa Joe is pretending to be Barack Obama and chastising black parents about the lack of participation in the educational process of their children. I mean Obama never chastised white Americans for the injustice perpetuated on blacks in America. Now we are ready to remix this act with Biden? I wish we were given some clear cut choices with candidates truly willing to address our communities needs and concerns. Yet as this MLK WEEKEND 2020 starts we still are a community whose needs and concerns are back burner issues on the political landscape of the Democratic Party. For far too long now we accepted stripped down bones for meat to satisfy our hunger from a party that has absolutely refused to truly address the legitimacy of our demands. We have sought a haven in a home that changed the lock on progress and never gave us the new key. We cannot allow our committed support to be utilized in 2020 without some true guarantees. Many of our young blacks are asking that we remain or begin to be on CODE. That simply means we will no longer support a party that offers us false promises, false agendas, false benefits without advancing true gains for our communities. As I quoted yesterday there is no more cotton for black folks to pick. We will no longer be the last group to be seated at the table of economic, social, or civil equality. The table seating had better give us a prime view of the meal to be served with the real possibility that everyone eats. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Holiday was not the reason for his life or his death. Dr. King wanted that check cashed and payment rendered for services and equity spent by a community of black folks who built this nation. We eat Democrats in 2020 or you won’t as a party get served victories.

Jan. 17, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend 2020
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Joseph Hall

Jan. 15, 2020

Just finished watching the Netflix project on Aaron Hernandez. I mean this athletically talented young man who became an absolute danger to not only others in society but also himself in the end. So, what did the project want to prove? Playing football and being entitled because of that gift caused Aaron Hernandez to sway off course, or being undercover gay and forced displays of masculinity caused Aaron Hernandez to leave murdered bodies and loss souls in his wake? I do know one thing this American society we live in today has absolutely allowed a kid’s game to become so all important that people are willing to accept all sorts of deviant behavior from the game’s participants just to have a winning team in their city. What has become of our values when win at any and all costs is now the measure of success in life. We glorify winning and because of that we see the crumbling of country’s values. It used to be it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game that counts. Now you are a joker if you take that line because “winning at all costs “ forgives all the sinning you did to get to the gloried circle of winning.

Jan. 14, 2020

So many in our black communities are intellectually, morally, spiritually, and mentally bankrupt. It is difficult phase we are in right now. The phase of discontentment with direct action or even a semblance of action against those who oppress. If Dr. King were still alive he would say that our black communities have chosen chaos over unity. Dr. King would ask that every community identity a multitude of individuals with the drum major instinct. Dr. King would ask our black communities to choose realistic group progress over individual material growth. Dr. King would ask that each of our elected representatives whether on a municipal, state, or federal level take an oath of dedication towards community growth.
So until those things are fixed in our black communities we're hopeless as a community. We will continue to see singular success but any real lasting success of our communities is a far off dream that King envisioned on the mountain top on April 3, 1968.