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Dec. 1, 2021

Today on the 162nd anniversary of John Brown’s death on the gallows December 2, 1859. I will read aloud an essay written by Yale Professor David W. Blight that connects some of the dots in the relationship between John Brown and Frederick Douglass. I understand the importance and the magnitude of John Brown’s failed raid on the Federal Armory On October 16, 1859, as it relates to the searing hatred that was at the core of our nation’s division and eventually lead to the Civil War. John Brown was depicted in the history books as a crazed white man totally out of control, totally out of his senses, who had no touch of reality. Because John Brown’s reality included racial equality for black men and women. John Brown sacrificed so much to end the evils of slavery. He was willing not only to pay the ultimate price personally but he also convinced his sons to join this righteous battle. John Brown must be given his full due because he saw evil and willingly paid the ultimate price to see that evil erased. Frederick Douglass may not have agreed with his methods but understood the need for a violent uprising to end the evil system of American Slavery.

Dec. 1, 2021

"Cose I was borned a slave, but I don't 'member much 'bout hit, 'caze I was li'l.

Yes, Henry Barnes remembers little of being enslaved other than being enslaved. He remembers little or none of the oppression and terror of enslavement because he was a child. However, rest assured Henry Barnes was surrounded by many who experienced firsthand the awful conditions of bondage.

Nov. 30, 2021

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Nov. 30, 2021

December 1, 1955
Rosa Parks Day In America
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On this day 66 years ago the legendary warrior for justice Rosa Parks stayed seated on a public segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama. As Fannie Lou Hamer would defiantly state a decade later, Rosa Parks was simply plained tired, tired of being treated as less than human although when Rosa looked around the City of Montgomery, Alabama she understood and believed in her sense of self-worth.

Who could've known that Rosa Park’s single act of defiance against the southern system of Jim Crow would ignite a civil rights movement that would save the tainted race-tinged soul of this nation? Who could've known that this act would lead to the introduction of a 26-year-old baptist minister from Atlanta, Georgia, who would become the face of truth, and justice not only in America but also the entire world, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Who could've known that Rosa Parks remaining seated would motivate black people all over this nation to stand up straight taking the weight of oppressive hatred off their backs? Who could've known that this "sister of small stature" actually had the power of All Mighty God within her?

Who could’ve thought of all the more powerful weapons available it was love that was the most formidable opponent against injustice. Who could’ve thought that direct people's action was mightier then than the weapons of terrorism, bigotry, and hate?

Who could've known that Rosa Park's image and the statue would end up in the Halls of a United States Congress Foyer, a Congress that before had legitimized the oppressive laws that encouraged segregation and hatred of people throughout this nation.

Who could've known that demonstrations throughout the South over the next decade while utilizing the method of direct non-violent action black communities would facedown the bigotry and viciousness of Jim Crow, and white hatred? It seemed that every night America and Americans saw televised and visible this evil racism raise it’s ugly head.

America should've known that injustice could not be allowed to fester. That eventually truth and righteousness would eventually rush down like the rushing river of hope's waters to release a torrent of freedom unclaimed because of man's inhumanity to man.

Nov. 30, 2021