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Nov. 14, 2019

Yesterday in Georgia a serious case of capital miscarriage of justice occurred. The state Of Georgia may have murdered an innocent man. This isn’t a case that occurred in the years of Jim Crow Justice when black men were routinely murdered by southern states for crimes that involved high levels of injustice. This is 2019 when every available resource is available to specify guilt or innocence in criminal cases involving capital murders. How can the Georgia Governor send the execution orders to the penitentiary officials when questions of innocence or guilt are apparent? If this was case that involved any other individual of another majority race would not all available resources been applied before that man was given a lethal injection? Or was it a case that Ray Cromartie simply didn’t warrant the full resources of Georgia’s legal and investigative because he was involved in the crime? Yes, Mr. Cromartie was in the store when Richard Slysz was murdered but did or didn’t he pull the trigger ending Mr. Slysz life? Mr. Cromartie has professed his innocence for 20 years. He has never wavered. Yesterday, before the injection process was about to begin he still maintained his innocence. Why didn’t our United States Supreme Court Justices put an end to this travesty of justice? Is this how the American system of justice should be applied? Is this what makes America great? Why didn’t the majority of America’s public demand that Ray Cromartie get justice to ensure that Georgia didn’t kill the wrong man? Is it because the alleged crime was so bungled that the robbery only netted 2 six packs of beer? Why are we more concerned about whether LeBron James gets a triple double, or whether Colin Kaepernick gets a contract, or whether this team or that team wins on Saturday or Sunday but allows Ray Cromartie to be murdered in invisibility. We allow miscarriages of justice to still occur on a daily basis in this nation. Whether the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Cleveland Browns wins tonight is truly inconsequential to the justice being applied correctly in our nation. Why are we more concerned about this game than the fact that Ray Cromartie was murdered last night. Won’t the Browns and Steelers play 2 times now until infinity or until the NFL still is operational? Yet, Ray Cromartie took his last breath last night. No more games for him. He played his final game last night. Yet, he died in almost absolute silence but in our communities we awoke to the news not of Ray Cromartie but the news that James Harden scored 47 points against the Clippers. Damn, how our priorities have been maladjusted but games rather than values. If a black man is murdered by the state does the community hear him fall? Or is injustice so rampant. Do we simply feel helpless in trying to stop these acts of injustice? We do know however Kevin Durant is not going to play in New Jersey this year. Nonsense news is our priority because relevant news requires critical thoughts and thinking and we’re not good at that. Another provoked thought for the day.

Nov. 14, 2019

On August 18, 1915, in Boston, Mass. Booker T. Washington gave his final public speech to the National Negro Business League. Less than three months Mr. Washington would die at his beloved Tuskegee Institute at the age of 59. When you think of 2 men who carried the voice of the people in the late 19th and early 20th Century, the names WEB DuBois and Booker T. Washington come to mind.

Booker T. Washington, 12 years DuBois senior made some say his most famous speech in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, "the cast your bucket" speech. Many people say Booker T. Washington underestimated the level of vile hatred southern whites had for black people. By the time of his death, the great migration of southern black people to the north and west was in its infancy. Come with me today as I go back 104 years to Mr. Washington's last public speech, in his words, my voice.

The Wizard of Tuskegee still impacts the nation today. His greatest accomplishment in life was the development of Tuskegee University. Tuskegee graduates are still leading communities across this nation with the philosophy that was instilled by Booker T. Washington.

Nov. 13, 2019

"Who owns the mental diversions that keep the middle and lower economic classes focused on activities that keep those in our nation concentrated on things that actually have no redeeming factors on the uplift and benefits of the vast majority of people in this nation? What social strata or economic class of people benefits most from those mental diversions that keep folks concentrated on events that truly don’t uplift the fallen or the economically depressed? Let’s do a simple checklist right now?

Who owns the National Football League Football Teams?
Who owns the National Basketball League Teams?
Who owns the Major League Baseball League Teams?
Who owns the National Hockey League Teams?
Who owns the major entertainment media studios?
Who controls the dispersal of news on the major news mediums?
Who controls the social media markets?

The answer to the majority of the questions posed is the top 1% of this nation. It is to their benefit to keep the remaining 99% of us mentally occupied on things that truly don’t actually create an uplift in economic benefit. The question I ask is are we are in danger or are the majority of in danger being issue-oriented deprived. Which makes it easy for the majority of our nation to be complacent in our own destruction."

Nov. 13, 2019

I wonder how many Black Americans can identify the name Sargent Issac Woodard, and the incident of violent injustice that adversely affected his life for the remainder of his life in 1946? The incident occurred 9 years before Emmitt Till’s murder in 1955, 9 years before the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and 2 years before the armed forces of this nation were totally integrated. This horrendous act of savage violence perpetrated by a southern law enforcement officer against this black soldier who was just honorably discharged for serving his nation shocked the nation’s black communities. The attack on Sargent Woodward’s moved many black community leaders to demand justice from President Harry Truman which ultimately led to his issuing Executive Order 9981 which eliminated segregation in the nation’s military branches. So today news asks the question and answered it for about who is Sargent Issac Woodard. I simply ask that you do the job of finding more knowledge about what physical impairment he suffered as a result of his confrontation with southern injustice in February 1946.

Nov. 13, 2019

"Six years ago the story of Solomon Northrop’s book 12 Years A Slave was released as a movie. I was ambivalent about going to see the movie. Why? Because I was tried of watching movies released by white majority owned studios depicting the enslavement of my ancestors.

Well, my revelation was why and the hell are black communities subjected to this onslaught of movies that show black Americans subjected to constantly seeing our ancestors being placed as slaves. Very few historical movies show blacks rising up and taking down the oppressive forces of white supremacy.

Why are we paying money to majority owned studios to generate revenue, while few of those generated dollars end back into the black communities. I am tired of seeing movies based on evil forced on my ancestors. The first important factor is this; all Black Americans should get into these movies free. So sorry movie studios but I can't and won’t do it. i won't spend a single dollar to support these fictional depictions that honestly don’t truthfully create a realism, but a contrived script to meet the time constraints of a movie.

First and foremost every American who is a descendant of our enslaved people should have some incentive to see these movies. Second, revenues should be reverted back to the black communities. This essay is timely now because the movie Harriett is currently in screens across this country. The major benefactors will be Focus Films and Comcast. Again, we are being asked to see a embattled legion of slaves enduring punishment while the white masters raked in the revenues and even save the day for Harriet Tubman. No, I need a different formula of black historical depictions.

For this black man I'll just have to remember the stories my Daddy told me his ancestors told him about the real thing. I’ll do my own reading and research to learn the whole stories. I can't buy into this scheme to take my monies to see these atrocities.

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