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May. 6, 2021

I wrote this highlighted blog three years ago. I added to the blog post last year. Even though it is too late in this current election cycle to seriously consider third party options. We as a black community need to coalesce with other groups with common interests to establish a viable third party option for the 2022 and 2024 national elections. We concentrated our efforts on replacing Donald Trump in 2020 but replacing Trump will not solve the issues that are mounting up in our black communities. Too say the Democratic Party is faultless in our current dilemmas is too be as blind as a camel with his head covered in the blistering desert sand. So, while we were looking at Biden as the only electoral option in last year’s general election. It also tells us how little we have progressed in terms of political consciousness as a body of people. We simply have to do better and the only way that is going to happen is to create a viable third party option. Martin Luther King wanted this to happen before he was murdered. Malcolm X wanted black Americans to create options away from the current two parties that dominated our el

political options. I know that Stokely Carmichael wanted our black communities to develop an independent political consciousness. You know that if you look further back Monroe Trotter and Dubois wanted black Americans to achieve black political independence. Our black communities have been used and abused politically by both major parties. Neither is less guilty or less innocent. We must educate our next generations of youth to be aligned to neither party and have the ability to control its own fate finally. We didn’t or couldn’t achieve that in 2020. The singular goal was replacing Trump but in the coming elections surely we should have enough intelligence to uplift our political consciousness to coalesce with other groups with common interests to create a viable third party political choice.


MAY 5, 2017

After yesterday's Supreme Court decision to allow human misery over corporate greed. It's time for the majority of Americans to wake up to the reality that our 2-Party system of representative electoral government is beyond repair. It cannot be modified, improved, or remade into a viable model that provides any measure of justice to the common people.  

So in the interest of the survival not only of this nation but also ultimately the survival of the planet. The people must coalesce to create a true third party alliance made up of those whose voices are being ignored by the special interest elected representatives in an office today. These individuals represent both parties large money interest and not humanity or social or judicial humanness on any large scale. 

So if we really aspire to greater human heights. Let's decide no matter our creed, ethnicity, or race to value a truly unified effort of collective resistance to those special interest forces that seek destruction over constructive solutions. We can overcome if we decide that overcoming is a valued goal in securing our futures.


May. 3, 2021

Our black communities seem to want to put too much cream and sugar in the coffee because America doesn’t want its coffee too black. Is that why we have so many confused black folks who promote homogenized communities without understanding the dangers of simply too much cream in the coffee of blackness.
Listen as I read Malcolm X speak truths and realities on December 10, 1963

May. 2, 2021

Why is Jordan Edwards Dead?

Why America
Is Jordan dead
They say a shotgun blast
To his head
Murdered him stone cold dead
An overdose of policeman's lead
Another bright black light
Blown clear outta this white world's sight
Why America
Is Jordan dead?
Simply because of his race
That white policemen
Assumed a deadly chase
Killed that young brother
In haste such a damn waste
Why America?
So full of people
With a deadly taste
You tell me justice I say make a case
You blew off this young brother’s face
Why America
Is Jordan dead
Tell me why?
Why did you pull that trigger
I hope it wasn’t because you needed
To see another young dead nigger
Tell me why is Jordan's gray brain matter all over the car's dash
I guess some now feel a bullet has replaced the lash
His family wants Jordan not some blood-stained cash
You treated that boy like he was throwaway trash
No need for a noose now the killer’s home sipping Grey Goose
Your job was to protect and serve
Except when you see black
Then that sight disturbs the wrong nerve
Jordan Edwards didn’t get what justice deserves
Young, gifted, black and dead
A Black Life shattered just as if it never mattered

May. 2, 2021

Protect and serve
the motto says
shoot and swerve
get what they deserve
that motto has curves
white supremacy preserved
young gifted and black
step back or end up on a cold steel rack
Protect and Serve
the motto says
shoot and swerve
get what they deserve
keep white supremacy preserved
hands up, hands down, backed up, faced down
Protect and serve
Hell no shoot first then swerve
the law's motto we don't deserve.

Apr. 30, 2021

On this day 95 years ago a remarkably brave black woman perished, Bessie Coleman. Bessie Coleman was born dirt born in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas. Bessie Coleman was seemingly born without the resources necessary to make an impact on society. Yet, Bessie Coleman was a visionary. She had a dream that was far larger than any barriers she may have encountered being born black and female. Bessie Coleman had an itch to conquer the skies. Early flights at the beginning of aviation history were dangerous adventures. Yet, Bessie Coleman was a black woman who conquered fears to achieve amazing feats of courage.

Bessie Coleman was the very first licensed black female pilot in our country. She couldn't secure her pilot's license in this country because of two impediments, her race, and her sex. That, however, didn't stop Bessie Coleman who simply when across the Atlantic Ocean and secured her pilot's license in France. It was Bessie Coleman's dream to conquer the skies and also teach other blacks in our communities at the time to conquer the skies as well. Bessie wanted to create an aviation school for blacks that would rival any white aviation school at that time. Remember this fact these were the days when Jim Crowish and white racial hatred was at it's highest peak. So any dream as large as the dream that Bessie Coleman has had enormous roadblocks. Yet, Bessie Coleman persevered and continued to work towards that dream until the day she died doing what she loved doing the flying of her airplane.

Today I would love to have each of my followers spend a few moments listening to The Black Blogger read about the incomparable Bessie Coleman. It is essential to understand this one basic fact the motivated Bessie Colemen's life? Bessie Coleman refused to let her dream die and because of that fact she will be remembered for time Infinitum as a The Black Queen of Skies, Brave Bessie.​