Dec. 20, 2015

Now Just How Does Santa Survive The Hood

How did so many Black Americans get so sucked into this whole Santa Claus myth? When most of these blacks didn't have access to a damn chimney growing up?

Tell me exactly how those reindeer maneuvered in the hood? Growing up in Baltimore my Daddy never allowed us to travel down the Santa pathway. He told us early and often that Christmas presents came from my Mom and the money came from his hard work on his two jobs. So I wasn't sucked in as a matter of fact I don't ever remember seeing any Santa Claus figures in our house growing up. I do however remember celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Personally I destroyed the myth of Santa Claus for my daughter before her 7th birthday. She wasn't any worst for the experience it surely didn't kill her imaginative spirit. It would be a great hope that our young brothers and sisters began to eliminate the myth so that we can begin to regain a sense of reality in our troubled times.