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Mar. 8, 2021

Provoked Thoughts
The Interview I Missed On Purpose

Mar. 8, 2021

There has been and continues to be deliberate attempts by the so-called right wing party to whitewash slavery from the history books of America. The concerted effort by the right winged leaning educators to dismiss the excellent research done by the 1619 Project. These creators of the great white myth would rather block using the 1619 comprehensive research that tells the true story of Black America and allow the same white lie to fill the history books or classroom history lessons American students white, red, brown and black are exposed too in classrooms across this nation. This isn’t an old story its a story that still has it’s relevance today.


In 2015, Texas Social Studies Book Adoption the textbook evaluation committee did in fact attempt to whitewash slavery from United States History textbooks produced for students in Texas’s classrooms. Those historically blind educators changed the condition of my enslaved black ancestors from being held in bondage to being held as indentured servants. Indentured servants had a chance of gaining their freedom after a specific period time which for enslaved blacks was never possible.  That effort was no error in judgment it is a concerted plot to whitewash their history, diminish the reality and savageness of slavery try to make it acceptable. Yet, it is the right wing doctrine to whiten history and block the stain of the cruel system of slavery. 


We need to be able read between the lines because the goal is to "whitewash" the black experience from the history textbooks that our children are reading. Don't think it's hype because it isn't it is a definite act of exclusionary history and are our enslaved ancestors are the targets. The simple goal is to whitewash American History in the 21st Century and dismiss the many accomplishments of our enslaved ancestors. For without the free labor our ancestors provided, the lives sacrificed for the economic gain of those holding the keys to the steel bonds of slavery, this country would never have reach the power it attained. The stolen Africans and the generations of Americans of African descent that followed cannot be allowed to be wash out and erased from the history of this country.


Well this is one Black Man who won’t allow our/my ancestors to be whitewashed from the Story of America’s More In-Perfect Union. As a matter of fact my cousin Esther Johnson, our family’s historian has recently uncovered this tidbit of Black America’s history.  Thomas Johnson is my great-great-great grandfather.  He was born in 1775 a year before the writing of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. He was born free and married Rebecca Anton or Aston, Rebecca and Thomas had two sons Henry and John. Henry Johnson is my great-great grandfather and he married Frances, my great-great grandmother. Their daughter Fanny is my great grandmother and her son James William Johnson is my grandfather.  


Now we get to the juicy part of America’s history the part that White America would love to keep whitewashed. At the age of 37 or so Thomas Johnson enlisted in this nation’s continental army and served during the War of 1812. This is so mazing considering that the Continental Army at the beginning of the War of 1812 had 7,500 enlisted soldiers and by the end of the War of 1812,  35,000 men had sworn allegiance to the protection of this nation from the British invaders. Cousin Esther has documented evidence that my great-great-great grandfather Thomas Johnson served in the Continental Army during the War of 1812. Wow, my ancestor served to save this nation’s freedom won during the Revolutionary War 31 years earlier in 1781. My family’s history continues to amaze me.  This strengthens the case for Black America’s payment of reparations. Why? Because in 1787, the Founding Fathers decided to assign the rank of 3/5 a man to any Black Americans living in this nation. Thomas Johnson was never viewed as more than chattel whether born free or enslaved. Yet Thomas Johnson was willing to spill his blood to save this nation that still oppressed him and those like him. Thomas born a year before the famous Declaration of Independence believed that all men were created equal and it was a principle worth dying for. Even if White Americans didn’t think it applied to persons of color. Take that Texas and run it up your Lone Star Flag Post. 



Mar. 7, 2021

Provoked Thoughts
Enjoying A Bowl Of Pure Yumminess

Denise Dobson-Mcdonald informed that today is NATIONAL CEREAL DAY here are some of my childhood memories of eating cereal. Boy growing up learning to spell words with Alpha-Bits, watching the white milk turn brown in the bowl with Cocoa Krispies, imagining my journies I took with a bowl of Captain Crunch,trying to outwit the silly rabbit while eating a bowl of Trix, watching my muscles grow while eating my Wheaties,roaring like a lion on a bowl of Frosted Flakes or going coo coo for Cocoa Puffs, eating a bowl of Raisin Bran wondering what be last in the bowl a few raisins or the bran flakes, and finally hating to see a box of Corn Flakes as my only option because the flakes would get so soggy after only a moments, not a single morning in my young life didn't involve eating a bowl of cereal. Heck I even remotely remember how a bowl of cereal beatdown a case of smoke-enhanced munchies Happy Cereal Day everyone. Boy, I miss those days of my youth thanks Denise Dobson-Mcdonald for energizing my memory this afternoon about a bowl of cereal. I can not even eat a bowl now because all my breakfast consist of now is a healthy bowl of oatmeal with fruit. No more sugar-coated cereal for this man.

Mar. 6, 2021

Those cotton fields were bushy white
But the bolls and plants were bloody red
The bushels of cotton were packed so tight
The black souls were packed in blood and toil
The whites who welded those bloodied leather straps
Swung relentlessly on the backs of those black souls
Black souls that sought a better day
Black souls that never got a day of pay
So relentless was that quest for profits
It even turned their white Jesus into a cash seeking prophet
Something about those bloodied cotton fields just wasn’t right
So now it’s 2021 white denial is in the air
Yet cotton’s wealth and bloodied fields
Took millions of souls of black folks with bushy locks
But dammit America whose price is it to pay
When will Black America’s black lost black souls have their say
Why does White America continue to say it no longer has a debt to pay
A simply sorry America just won’t do
Only by paying descendants of those black souls lost can America
pay the debt that is now due
Only then America will your founding principles then stand true

Mar. 5, 2021

Literacy is an ability to understand, identify, interpret, create, communicate, and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts at the center of all those skills? Reading. Literacy doesn’t just stop at reading and understanding words on paper. Many other kinds of literacy are also important for people to live healthy, productive lives and meaningfully participate in society: in order to fully function and participate effectively in this nation you must also master these literacies:
Mathematical literacy, scientific literacy, digital literacy, and civic literacy. As a black community we must ensure that we guide our community members to elevate a conscience empowerment and mastery of each of these literacy. This is the reason I continue to work everyday towards illuminating the universal goal of engaged black strategic readers. Because we cannot compete in today's or tomorrow's world without fully modeling these skills on an everyday basis. More than 36 million American adults cannot read or function above a third grade level. How many of those 36 million are Americans of African descent? Way too many for me to accept. Listen to my reading of a paper done by Anita Carif today and SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. If you don't think this lost year of classroom education due toe COVID restrictions will not effect our black communities. You are living with your head stuck in the sands of ignorance.