Jan. 11, 2016

Is America or Americans really that STUPID?

Today I've seen a number of social media posters putting up this sign which says that the 1.3 billion Powerball would mean every one of the 300 million Americans would receive 4.3 million dollars and poverty in our country would be solved. The problem is that they posted this truly believing the math. These include many folks with Facebook's that state they are graduates of universities and colleges across this nation. Damn, no wonder folks in this country can't protect themselves against financial insolvency.

Huge numbers of Americans have no and I mean no basic mathematical competencies. Damn how can someone be so unaware of basic large number division? Isn't that like 3 grade mathematics? Really, Come on, Really? How can $4.33 per person solve anything other than being about to go to Wendy's and take advantage of 4 for 4 dollar offer? Oh yeah Wendy's would be happy but damn if anyone else's poverty situation will be solved?

I will be starting soon basic financial computation, and money management for dummies courses soon. I think I can make a secure living passing on my desired knowledge. What you think America can I get enrollment overload?