Jan. 17, 2016

Don't Get It Twisted Black America

Why did we as Black Americans seemingly allow those who hated our drum major for justice and peace to be redefined by those who hated him most? Dr. King life's mission didn't end on the Mall in Washington in 1963 it was simply a small stepping stone on his mission of justice and equality. It's what Dr. King did as he moved towards the reality of the condition of blacks and poor people in America that he became ever so much more dangerous. We've played their game long enough to understand that they will minimize truth for deception

Please, my young brothers and sisters, don't let America define this man for you research him for yourselves and maybe just maybe you will indeed honor his sacrifices even more. So much of what Dr. King stood for in his final days have been overlooked, homogenized and glossed over by the media. We as conscious black people cannot and should not allow those final days of the transformation of Dr. King's to be erased from history. Make it your mission to go beyond the glossy, market and media-driven "I Have A Dream King" and seek out the Revolutionary Warrior King. Because was that  King who was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968, by a white supremacist society. 
It was Dr. King who intended to bring the issue of economic equality for poor people to the forefront of American society. It was that Dr. King who discussed at length the concept of economic redistribution. It was that Dr. King who warned Harry Belafonte and Andrew Young that he had integrated black people into a burning house of segregation. It was Dr. King who demanded that American foreign policy change towards building hope rather than building bombs and killing machines for Southeast Asia. It was that Dr. King who would be kneeling along with supporters of those against police brutality in 2017. That's the Dr. King that they wanted to be eliminated so that they could homogenize a media-driven symbol that would be acceptable to those who control the wealth and power of this nation.
So don't get it twisted that Dr. Martin Luther King presented far more problems to those dealing out injustice. Than the glossed over Dr. King that America presents to you today. We must learn our own history and not depend on others with power to define our ancestors for us.