Aug. 28, 2016

Posting For Two Lost Brothers

Tribute to Troy Brooks and Ronald Wheatley
This week 2 Brothers made the last trip
This week I couldn’t let that news slip
This week I lost 2 brothers I could no longer grip
This week 2 Brothers made that last trip
This trip for this 2 brothers who were in my mind blue chip
Ron Wheatley was on the first Alpha Line
The line that let 15 brothers really shine
The line that started this brown and gold vine
Troy Brooks, well he was 1 of the 7 who made it over to that Brown and Gold heaven
They were known for taking the bone out their backs
That funky step show was definitely stacked
Those 7 brothers were 100% black
This week 2 brothers made the last trip
To Alpha Iota Omega with all those brothers to grip
You see all those brothers in that chapter are definitely blue chip
Will Barron, Elias, Charles G, or Charles B lead the way
Maybe Web, or Albert will put these 2 on the Brown and Gold Holy Beltway
All I know is that Ron and Troy won’t ever stray
They both will remain Iota’s forever and a day
In Alpha Iota Omega is where these 2 brothers will now stay
Rest in Iota Peace Troy and Ron we’re all eventually headed your way