Aug. 30, 2016

Just The Facts, Nothing But The Facts, Racism in America Has About To Have Taken Any Backtrack

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center there only 158 ANTIGOVERNMENT EXTREMIST GROUPS in 2001, the number of ANTIGOVERNMENT EXTREMIST GROUPS dropped to 149 in 2008 but during the Presidency of Barack Obama this nation is flushed with ANTIGOVERNMENT EXTREMIST GROUPS. There were an astounding 1,360 ANTIGOVERNMENT EXTREMIST GROUPS in 2012. Although that number of ANTIGOVERNMENT EXTREMIST GROUPS dropped in  2015. Still almost 1000 (998) ANTIGOVERNMENT EXTREMIST GROUPS were in existence last year (2015). Who do you want to bet that 2016 saw another increase in this number?

In terms of ACTIVE HATE GROUPS in the contiguous United States, that means excluding Alaska and Hawaii there is at least one active hate group in all 48 states. As per normal the southern states have their fair representation of ACTIVE HATE GROUPS.  The SPLC does consider BLACK SEPARATISTS as and ACTIVE HATE GROUP. However, they have only identified 180 of these specific groups the remaining 712 groups include KKK, Racist Skinheads, White Nationalist, Neo-Nazi, Neo-Confederate, Christian Identity and Anti-LGBT/Other.  What does that say about America? Well, it says that there is definitely a whole bunch of hating going around, along with a whole bunch of race baiting. America needs to start undertaking a real plan to ending all this racial hating.  


Maybe, one day we'll all be friends. Until then my people watch your back.