Sep. 1, 2016

Stop This Nonsense Now!

Colin Kaepernick is not Rae Carruth now stop this nonsense immediately. I just read an article that many NFL executives are indeed aligning Colin K. with the murderous actions of Rae Carruth in 1999. That is indeed scandalous and tragic. To relate freedom of expression to a murderer. The only thing these two men have in common is the hue of their skins.
Mr. Carruth paid someone to murder the mother of his unborn child and disabled that child for life in the attempt. If the NFL owners feel that Colin is as toxic as Rae Carruth was or ever was then would every player, not just the black ones please sit down as a show of support for Colin K.
Come on now freedom of expression by an individual is as toxic as a being a convicted murderer? Really, when are the fines coming, Mr. Commissioner? The fines for these abusive descriptors being slung at Colin K. simply for utilizing his right to free speech and expression. I guess Roger, you are truly the dodger when it comes to equal justice.