Jul. 1, 2018

Voices From Our Dark Past, Why? July 1, 2018 Reflection

Our magnificent Black History, sisters, and brothers, must never, ever, become your black mystery. Our ancestors have lived through centuries of racial barriers and hardened obstacles of oppressive hatred; that means we are obligated to learn about those experiences. We then internalize those experiences and learn to reach the pinnacles of individual growth. Otherwise, we do each one of those ancestors who sacrificed everything who sought a better life for us a grave injustice. For every step forward taken today beams a light on those who moved solely on the hopes and aspirations for of coming generations to secure better tomorrows. So it should never be viewed as task to learn our magnificent black history. It is indeed an honor that will be rewarded by all that learned knowledge leading to maximizing your individual growth. That my friends are our responsibilities and we can never shriek from the awesomeness of attaining a historical understanding of our ancestor's dark yesterdays.