Oct. 28, 2018

This Blackman's Fall Classic Looking Back

With the continuation of hatred shadowing America, I cannot remember a time in my life that racial hatred wasn't festering in this country. I can remember the boiling of racial hatred watching it on a daily occurrence as a young black boy. It was during that time when the only relief I could get was on the baseball diamond watching my black heroes play the game I loved as a kid. I remember distinctly oiling my baseball glove up at night and tying a shoestring around it with the baseball in the pocket of that mitt. Why did I do that because Willie Mays said that's how he treated his glove. This video is my remembrances of those days on this day as the fumes of racial and religious hatred stink the atmosphere of our nation. I hope that this short video helps a little and diverts just a little away from what this nation is experiencing.