Mar. 13, 2019

Boss Moves, John Dorsey

I am not a Cleveland Browns fan, never have been nor will I ever be one, since 1964 when they whipped my then BALTIMORE COLTS team 27-0. I have had no love for Cleveland although I respected the Browns for supporting Ernie Davis and his family when he was stricken with leukemia. I also respected the greatness of Jim Brown and of course Leroy Kelly, my fellow Alma Mater alumnus from Morgan State but the Cleveland Browns, no! Hey, we even took the team from the city but they became the BALTIMORE RAVENS. So they were no longer the CLEVELAND BROWNS but the recent money moves of the team have been quite impressive. So impressive that the team has moved from pretenders to absolute contenders for the Super Bowl over the next 5 years. They went from 1 win to 7 wins this year. With similar results, the Browns could move from 7 wins to 12-13 wins in 2019. That is championship territory folks. I am not on the Browns bandwagon but John Dorsey has changed the culture of a team that was impressive defensively last year but now could be truly impressive next season. How could they not be impressive with Baker Mayfield, an two possible elite running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt along with a group of top-notch pass catchers Odell Beckham, his college pass partner Jarvis Landry, and a slot receiver Antonio Calloway, and finally an up and coming tight end David Njoku? No matter how you hash out this situation barring major injuries the sun will shine brightly in Cleveland next season. All because the front office changes the direction of the team. Being a BALTIMORE RAVENS fan next season could be tough but we will be competitive and face up to the challenge the CLEVELAND BROWNS present. So it isn’t a bandwagon call when you acknowledge a team for making “boss player transaction moves”. I surely didn't want to call out positive platitudes for the Browns but damn just how did they pull off these moves?