May. 20, 2019

Ervin "Petty" Johnson

Were the petty slings directed at Pelinka or Kobe? The purple and gold are tarnished and old.

Magic Johnson exemplified what the concept of professional pettiness in sports is all about. I really cannot get too outraged about what's going on in a child's game played by adults for multi-billions of dollars. It's simply basketball the object of the game is to put a basketball through a circular steel rim more times than your opponent. However, after listening to Johnson's interview on ESPN with Smith this morning I got the sniff of jealousy coming from Ervin Johnson. It seems if Laker management didn't roll over for the great Magic Johnson. They were backstabbing him. If they didn't do exactly what he requested they do without question they were enemies at the gate.

Since this cat, Rob Pelinka is a Kobe Bryant protege and his former agent maybe the slight Magic was feeling was that Kobe was in the room when he shouldn't even be in the vicinity. The two largest living symbols of Lakerness in the nation are Kobe and Magic. It says something when Magic sents out accusations directed at Kobe's former agent. Personally, I think some of the mud slung my Magic this morning was intended for Kobe. Although, Kobe's name was not mentioned by Magic. I would have thought that the softball questions directed by Smith in the interview would've addressed Magic relationship with Kobe because certainly Kobe and Rob Pelinka are tight.

The interview tarnished the public persona of one Ervin "Magic" Johnson. He should have simply left good enough alone but I think Magic seeks the light. The light was fading on Magic and his rep was challenged because he thought he could convince multiple players to wear the purple and gold. He made a huge mistake trading away D'Angelo Russell for a bag of chips. When it was proven that Russell could've been a core player for multiple seasons and Nick Young was not a long term solution for the team. I am sure the team would've been able to swing a trade for Kyle Kuzma without giving up a potential all-star player who could have teamed with James to make a poor team playoff ready.

The Magic Years with LeBron James will completely be a failure because Magic didn't join James with a Robin or even a James Gordon. So now the dust has settled and this morning Magic Johnson soiled the purple and gold because of petty reasons. I think that within the next couple of years Kobe Bryant will resurface and unveil what really transpired between Pelinka and Johnson. Pettiness is so damn unprofessional but hey it's just a game. Who's sitting in the iron throne in Lakerville? I think it's the Buss Family who controls the checkbook, maybe that was the real issue with Magic, his decision was never going to be the final one.