Letter To Mayor Pugh The Night Before Her Resignation

I know that tonight is going to be a difficult one for Catherine Pugh because it looks like the Baltimore City Solicitor Andre Davis, has drafted her letter of resignation which her lawyer Steven Silverman delivered to her this afternoon. However, former Mayor Pugh as long as you are able to regain your health you can continue to have a positive impact on the city that has become your home. Don't allow the current situations that surround you tonight define the totality of your life. No person is without issues that may be defined by others as negative and no one who lives a complete life can think that glass cannot be shattered due to those issues.
Mayor Catherine Pugh, just understand this when you think that life's issues may seem the absolute darkest. That is the very moment that the dawn of hope and renewal of spirits is on the horizon. You have dedicated your life energies to the service of those in most need. That Mayor Catherine Pugh means something or at least it should mean something. Please don't lock yourself away and stew on these recent unfortunate events. Mistakes have been made and the price for those mistakes must be paid. However, once those restitutions have been made please find a way to deliver some needed sunshine in your life.
I know that you never had children of your own but there are many, many black children in need of your guidance. I would hope that you will make a determined effort to align yourself to assisting as many of our youth in Baltimore City to become difference-makers for the future progress of our city. You have the heart and power of a Grizzly being that you are a graduate of Morgan State University. Use that Grizzly Force to renew and recover and regain your footing. No matter what others may say Baltimore City needs your insight and vision to take the next steps forward. Most important however Mayor Catherine Pugh please take the time you need to fully recover physically, and emotionally because stress is the most malignant killer of people in our community. Just stay close to those who love you but make sure that those who love you are strong enough to assist you in truly weathering this personal storm. Dark clouds may surround you but the winds of change can turn those storm clouds to blue clouds of hope.

The Most Dismal Season Ever

As the worst season in Baltimore Orioles baseball history concludes this afternoon. Mind you I have been alive for all 64 Baltimore Orioles baseball seasons beginning the year I was born 1954. I can only hope that the bleeding ends and the suturing begins this fall and winter to fix what is the current Baltimore Orioles. I mean 115 possibly 116 losses in a season is quite unreal for a team whose history of winning for an extended seasons includes having the best overall record in baseball from 1960 through 1983. We may be down but just like in 1988 when we lose 21 straight games to begin the season. The Baltimore Orioles have shown some resilience to get off the canvas after a knockout blow and get back to fighting. Let's hope it doesn't take another decade plus like it did from 2000-2012 to renew our winning ways. The City of Baltimore deserves a team that wins because the spirit of my hometown has been aligned to the great times our Baltimore Orioles have experienced on the baseball diamond. So, Baltimore Orioles management you must turn on the engine, start on the path down the runway, get the wheels up so that our Baltimore Orioles can fly again towards a winning destination.

Hall Three Generations 2003

Rest In Peace, Larry Frasier Peace


I hate that I will miss Larry Frasier's homecoming services tomorrow but I simply cannot take the physical toll that will result from a four-hour car ride. I will, however, be thinking of my brother's services. I know that Alpha Chapter's Ron Curry's team has put together a memorable service for Larry. One that I sure Larry wishes he wasn't in attendance or that he is the most honored guest at this solemn occasion.

Take care my brother, one love always and I know I'll see you on the other side just not too soon though. Ow Ow Iota Phine!

Morgan State University vs. Mount Saint Mary's

Where You At Freddie Carter

Morgan State University plays Mount Saint Mary's University in Emmitsburg Maryland tonight. The Mounts my childhood memory of Mount Saint Mary's basketball is Freddie Carter, who played for the Baltimore Bullets. That brother was feisty as all get out. He played with a passion and was gritty, an in your face defender. I know I used to love seeing him play down at the Baltimore Civic Center. Freddie Carter played guard at then Mount St. Mary's College during the 60's. He was a true find who was playing in Baltimore's backyard. Freddie Carter gave the guards fits every night a really cool dude. He's 73 years-old now where you at Freddie Carter?

Raymond Chester

Raymond Chester, Baltimore's own, Frederick Douglass High School, Morgan State College has been elected to the Black College Hall of Fame. Go on my brother, now don't hurt anybody but this is an honor well deserved. Next up the Hall of Fame in Canton, well, The Black College Hall of Fame is in Canton. So you should be a dual winner National Football League Hall of Fame, as well as Black College Football Hall of Fame. 

Morgan alumni will have something to celebrate at the Celebration Bowl, your induction into this revered group of remarkable athletes and coaches. Love you, Raymond Chester, you were better than most and you showed it on and off the field of play. Coach Earl Banks would've been so proud of this accomplishment. I know he's smiling down from most high of this recognition.





Thought For The Day

How do we celebrate Father's Day in our black communities when our young fathers and potential fathers are being crushed and put away?

My Daddy's Family Tree

The HALL family originated in Lancaster County; two were listed in the Christ Church Parish in 1728. They were brother and sister William and Jane Hall. William (b. 1690) ran away from the Parish in 1728 after being charged with keeping a white woman and having children with her. His son Joseph (b. 1712) married Peg in 1735 in Norfolk County and they moved to Bertie County NC in 1748 where they purchase 200 acres at Chinkapin Neck on the Wiccacon Creek. Joseph's children were Thomas (b. 1739); Stephen (b. 1746); Naomi (b. 1746 and Issac.
Jane Hall (b. 1695) had one daughter Ann (b. July 16, 1722). Ann was bound out as an apprentice until the age of 18 to Ruth Sydnor.
In Westmoreland County, Abram (b. about 1775) was listed as head of household of 6 other free in 1830; Elisha (b. 1791) described in the Free Negro Register as 5'6" tall with a scar on his left cheek and one one his nose and born free; and Susan (b. 1818) ad described in the 1850 Free Negro Register as a mulatto, 5'6" tall with no scars and born free.

KELLY or KELLEY family lived in Westmoreland, Richmond, and Northumberland counties. The earliest Kelly found was Vincent (b. 1810) and listed as the head of household of 4 other free in 1830. He is described as light complexion, 5'6" tall with a small scar on his right wrist and one on the right jaw and born free. His wife, Alloway (bn. 1812) is described as 5'1" tall with a scar on her chin and born free. They were married in 1838. They are my great-great-grandparents. Their children were:
Aaron (b. November 1837) married Margaret B. Fulcher (b. 1836). Margaret is a descended on Nancy Fulcher and Raymond Fulcher, my mother's family. Aaron and Margaret's son was Lorenzo and his son is Archer (b. 1898). Archery was living with his grandparents in 1900 as was Mitchell Wilson (b. August 1886). Mitchell is the grandfather of James, Sallie, Delores and the other children of Bosie and Roseann Wilson and the grandfather of the children of Irving Wilson, Emily Wilson Green, and others.
Vincent also had a daughter named Betsy (b. 1838); she married Claybourne Rich (Ritch) (b. 1834) and they are my great-grandparents. They had four daughters Adaline (b. 1866) and married Richard Lane (b. 1865); Eliza (b. 1873, d. 1939) married James Johnson (b. 1871, d. 1941) and these are my grandparents; Mary married George Johnson (b. 1867, d. 1941); and Norris married Cephas Johnson (b. 1869). Four sisters married four brothers.

My cousin Dr. Esther R Johnson is a noted learned sister of historical knowledge. These are just a few of the families that brought forth my grandparents Mary and Dorsey Hall, which brought forth my father William R. Hall, which brought forth my brothers and my sisters and me, Joseph Shelton Hall.

It all started with the Angolan, who departed a ship in Jamestown, Virginia in 1640, Anthony Johnson. I sure wish I could know my mother's roots but I can only go back as far as my great great grandparents.

Black History Need Not Ever Be A Black Mystery.

Morgan Memories

Morgan Memories and The TENT made of Brown & Gold

Morgan Memories

Morgan Memories, 2016 On October 22, 2016, we gather at our alma mater Morgan State University for a festive Saturday on the yard. Oh, the yard what memories that will be revived that day on the yard. That first college love, that first actual sense of independence that college life may have afforded you. The daily meetings that couldn’t be missed as we practiced Bridgeology. Some of our friends fell by the wayside because they mastered that specific class and not the others. Yet whether you mastered the bridge, and even mastered the classes Morgan Memories are for everyone. We all walked the yard with educational masters of our race. The wonderful professors who guided us to become all that we should and could be. The friends, oh, all the friends from fraternal brothers and sorority sisters, from the associations of the student governments, and the many, many clubs that nurtured our development. Morgan Memories captivated us all. Morgan Memories remain for each of us for a lifetime. We developed lifelong friends who have been with us to cherish our up’s and comfort us during the downs. Yes, Morgan Memories is more than just not another event that occurs each Saturday after the homecoming football game. Morgan Memories is the essence and flow of blackness that embodies the spirit of each and everyone who has experienced our Fair Morgan. You see in 1867, almost 150 years ago when Morgan was founded was the actual beginning date for Morgan Memories, Each one of us carry with us a little of the soul of each and every person who has called Morgan State University home. Morgan Memories is more than just a party, you see the party’s come and go. Anyone can have a celebratory party, get a DJ, some party favors and find a location and open the bar. Yet, Morgan Memories is beyond the party. It is the culminating event of a Saturday where you reigniting relationships with people whose path you may have crossed 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ago. It’s igniting new friendships with classmates who are 10, 20, 30 or even 40 younger than yourself. That’s right classmates all because once you walk on the hallow grounds of Morgan State University. You instantaneously become classmates with each and every person no matter his/her race or creed who taken that walk with or before you. I remember Dr. Clayton Stansbury, telling us entering freshmen in 1973 to look to your right and you're left most likely one or both of these individuals won’t complete this initial journey to graduation. I think that Doc should have added look to your right and left because each of you is now part and parcel to the wonderful world that is Morgan Memories. That is why it is so important to have a celebration of this type on campus. The campus that brought the magic, mystic, and wonder of what is everyone’s personal Morgan Memory treasure chest. You see on Friday the Morgan Gala takes place off campus where the connection begins as a massive fundraising event to boost the Morgan Foundation. So it is imperative that Morgan Memories takes place on the campus and not some facility miles away from the YARD. You see the YARD is where the energy of remembrance flows. That electricity of memories that ignite old relationships and create new ones. Anyone can have a party but only a few can create an experience. That is exactly what Morgan Memories is an EXPERIENCE, and if you haven’t ever been to one. You surely are missing out to reigniting the flame of memories that are uniquely yours and yours alone. See you at Morgan Memories, 2016.

Historical Fiction/Founding of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity By The Black Blogger 9/2013

Wow, it's going to another hot blazing day in Baltimore today. It seemed that this particular September day was steaming hot, unlike any other day. The end of a momentous summer was upon them. The leaves on the neighborhood trees were dying on the branches in every black Baltimore street in the city. Yet for 12 bold, dynamic men that week, that on an upcoming day something special would manifest itself. You see there was an appointment with destiny and whether either of these 12 young men knew it or not the dye had been cast and the ideal had blossomed by thought. They each would be involved in founding an organization that still stands to the very day. In addition, each of these 12 men would be forever memorized in the history books of this yet unknown organization. 

Lonnie Spruill was thinking not about the heat of the day.  Hell or high water would not halt his urge to develop a binding principle that would direct change. Not only in his life but he wanted those honorable principles to bind like-minded brothers as well. You see that Saturday night he and John Slade, Frank Coakley, Elias Dorsey, and Webster Lewis were hanging out listening to records on the stereo with a few lady friends the five of them talked about how they had similar principles that centered around community development and social engagement. It was a time for engagement in the communities across black America. This was a year before the civil rights legislation would pass the houses of Congress and be signed by the then Vice President Johnson.  The was a President in Washington DC who was only 20 or so years older than each of them. The promise and hope of civil equality of brown and black people were a distant dream but the light of opportunity had just cracked some gleam of light on the vision of equal rights. Man, Lonnie and Frank could hardly withhold their energy of getting involved in this fantastic project.  Webster who was a musical genius saw this alignment as an opportunity to build alliances that would last a lifetime, or at least a couple of years while they matriculated in college. He enjoyed his fellowship with this crew. It seemed that his musical creativity was enhanced when he spends time with these brothers.  Frank was the youngest of the crew but he also was the silent assassin whose pinpoint views were always timely.  he made the group better and himself better with these alliances.

They had been discussing doing something as a group to have their voices heard but they didn't feel that joining the current fraternities on campus were the answer.  Each had been recruited by other organizations on campus both singularity and as a group. Yet not one of this group satisfied the inch of doing something really significant.  Why not do our own thing, a few years later the Isley Brothers would sing a powerful song, “It’s Your Thang, Do What You Wanna Do”, but these brothers were trailblazers in each their own way. Following the crowd was not something that appealed to them at all. They had run into a number of similarly minded brothers on campus the previous spring. So they knew that the interest would be there for something different, something unique, something that reaches beyond the possible.  That’s why the idea to create a group was devised because in black America change was on the lips of every young person seemingly in the country.  Over the past summer, they renewed alliances with Charlie Briscoe, Charlie was great with both his hands and mind. He could fix anything and also he could recite Socrates and Aristotle verbatim. Charles Brown and Charles Gregory were dynamic brothers as well as smooth and street savvy they both simply were as cool as a popsicle in the North Pole. Barron Willis, was the community organizer, the streetwise interpreter of what was hip in the city. He had that NYC flavor that the ladies indeed savored. Yet he was an astute activist who demanded change and sought solutions.  I guess growing up around the legends of Harlem germinated those attributes. His buddy Mike Williams also from the NYC was cool as cool could be and also was the jokester able to bring laughter into the most threatening of situations. That skill once refined would make Mike Williams the most elusive of all the founders.  Albert Hicks was the elder statesman of the crew. You see Albert worked full-time had a wife and was a student as well. When you defined the world leader in the dictionary Albert Hicks’s name appeared.  The professor of the crew was Elias Dorsey, who was as smart as anyone on the campus of Morgan State yet he understood that humility was a trait worth developing. So along with smart came his coolness.  The talker and deal maker was Louis Hudnell, who never was without some plan to build the next thing. Louis could sell ice to an Eskimo and melt and freeze it and sell it again.  Man, these 12 brothers were some badass crew. They each had their own special brand but put each together and you had one helluva band. These brothers created a dynamic black clan. the beauty of them all was that each was willing to lend the black community a hand.   

Over this past summer during the trip to see Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. and participate and the Jobs and Freedom Rally on August 28th, they each spoke collectively of doing something impactful that year. Man, it was impressive to see the hues of people from all backgrounds saying enough was enough! They ran into Charles Brown, Charlie Briscoe, and Charles Gregory and the 3 Charlie's were as interested as them in making a difference and addressing the rights of their people. They also had the opportunity to meet Barron Willis whose parents instilled in him the tools of demanding change. Louis Hudnell wanted to practice law when he left school but until then he wanted to be with a group of men who wanted to have their voices heard. He had spoken to Barron about this group of independent like-minded men and felt right at home. Barron Willis spoke to his friend Michael Williams about these brothers and Mike was interested in getting together with this plan.  Then something happened, something that necessitated moving up the clock on change. This devastating event on September 15, 1963, at a Sunday School Service, in Birmingham, Alabama. I mean just on the 14th they had gotten together at a gig Webster was playing in the city. It was such like any other night. They spoke of plans of how this organization would work. They even created a name which was initially meant to draw in men. I can only say the name consisted of 13 letters. Yet, on that Sunday right before each would leave for morning service a news bulletin shook the nation. Someone who hated made the choice to spread his murderous hatred towards a Sunday School Service at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. They each know the gory history of that treacherous city in the south. They also knew that no black life was respected and black rights were rejected. Now, this had just been too damn much. What had these 4 little girls done to anyone? What was their crime against humanity? Why did white people feel threatened by these girls? They had been discussing doing something as a group to have their voices heard but they didn't feel that joining the current fraternities on campus were the answer.


The burn for change had been ignited that Sunday morning. They had decided on that Monday that after classes on Thursday, September 19th they would meet. It was Albert Hicks idea to meet out in the open, not in a closed room. They wanted to be different so it was 5:55 PM and those 12 dynamic brothers from different backgrounds and interests It was now Thursday and the steps of Hurt Gymnasium were empty until John, Elias, Webster, Frank, and Lonnie showed up. They had spoken of meeting at 5:55 PM because it allowed everyone to take care of their responsibilities. Charles Briscoe, Barron, and Mike came to those stairs. Along Brown and Gregory followed by Louis. the last to arrive the young man who would lead them, Albert Hicks. Now all 12 were on those steps and each was committed do their best. You see those four little girls deserved nothing less. The aggressive burn to build something different, something that drew each of those specific steps at that specific time in our history. Well, it was indeed a wonderful epic event. To them, it was simply 12 black men looking to build and grow brotherhood, fellowship, citizenship, scholarship, and stay true to the founding principles. Each of the 12 was leaders in their own way. So the principles that drew them to those historic steps still remain today. The fight for the true equality for all peoples of colors no matter his/her creed or economic background still is ongoing. The spirit of those four little girls of Birmingham is as strong today as it was that Thursday. The 13 letters became Iota Phi Theta and today we celebrate the 55th birthday of this organization.



The Black Blogger

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Congrats Mayor Pugh

Baltimore City newly elected Mayor Catherine Pugh won the election with a little over 45,000 votes in a city with over 622,000 residents. That's a sad state of civic responsibility for the city that I was born in. At one time Baltimore City had close to one million residents. No longer is that the case my hope is that my friend Catherine Pugh can take the reins of the city and bring with her some renewed vibrance and energy. She definitely has the capacity to do just that.

History tells us that whomever wins the democratic primary in Baltimore City is now the newly elected Mayor. Catherine Pugh can start to develop the team that can bring Baltimore City back from the depths of despair. However before Catherine Pugh can start on that that momentous task. She must percolate her thoughts on this fact. She won this election with a pitiful 7% of the city's residents supporting her with an actual vote at the ballot box. That to me is a case where democracy took a backseat yesterday in Baltimore City. Why are so many of the residents disengaged? Disinterested?

Catherine Pugh's day started with folks rebelling and destroying property asking for jobs to get the vote out. If the actual numbers are any indication the get out the vote machine failed miserably. Great win Cathy Pugh you deserved it but the hardest job is ahead of you revitalizing a seemingly disengaged electorate.

Rawlings-Blake: Hands-down the worst mayor in America

Maybe this will motivate a joesmokethought tomorrow morning but in the meantime percolate on this why don't you. Sister Gurl isn't winning any popularity contests anytime soon. Maybe she'll give her checkers speech with the adage "soon you won't have Rawling-Blake to kick around much longer." Her daddy was so politically astute bless his soul must have rolled over just a little in his grave after getting this news today.


Killing Your Brother, Someone's Mother, Baby Sis, Isn't Trifle Business The Cash Flows after the Bullet Goes Boom

Let’s say rather than 344 homicides in Baltimore City there were only half as many does that mean over 2 billion dollars could’ve been used on the living?
We need to stop killing each other when it costs the state, families, and city agencies north of 4 billion dollars to manage that amount of murderous intent.
Damn 344 north of 4 billion and the urban areas continue to fall into unbelievable decay. You wonder why our communities cannot step ahead. There is simply way too much monies involved to cease this insatiable madness of blood and destruction. Read this and weep
"The registers starts ringing when the bullet stop singing damn it tell me why why them brothers still slinging  humans wasting each other away it seems that everyone but their mommas are searching for some monetary taste." jsh2016

Morgan Homecoming 2010 Oh yeah





Harry left us in 2015 But This Photo Taken 10/9/2011 Showed Us Him In His Glory

Harry was true Iota to the bone Ow Ow Rest in Heavenly Peace My Brother

10/10/2011 Reflective Thought

Has the embryo of the people's revolution that had it's seed in the streets of Cairo finally manifested itself on the American shores with the Feed Up With Wall Street Protesters? If so what will occur next that will incite a People's Revolution similar to the Anti-War Movements of the 60's and 70's body bags on college campuses? Remember Kent State and South Carolina State?
Now that the unheard voices are beginning to protest the injustices that have been created by those with power. Will the powers react differently and change before we have a full-fledged collision of the haves vs. have-nots? Just a passing thought on this day ......jsh

This Bitch Should Have Left The Airport Left-Handed Only 1/26/2012

I'm sorry America but I cannot hold my tongue on my Birthday. This action by the current Governor of Arizona blatantly disrespecting our President in a public forum cannot be accepted. We as Americans should demand that Jan Brewer publicly apologize for disrespecting the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY. She should be rebuked by the entire State Legislature of Arizona with a censure vote. I know that the Tea Gaggers will find this acceptable but in no way should real Americans accept this type of outlandish behavior. If I was President Obama I would have called the Secret Service out to bust a cap in her ass but that is me. President Obama you are a much bigger man than me because she would have been left-handed after that personal assault.

2/1/2012 What A Dream and Yes It Was Dream, Wish It Wasn't Thought

Two nights ago I had the wildest dream I was in heaven attending a concert and the choir leader was James Weldon Johnson and he was heading a choir that had all the greatest singers Ella, Sarah, Luther, Cab, Louis, Mahalia, and mean it was wonderful but James started the singing off with an extended word LIBERTY
I mean it was fabulous because I saw Martin, Frederick, Huey, all our great leaders in the room....Whenever I tried to inject into a conversation with anyone they simply kept saying to me BUY BLACK NOTHING ELSE and Adam Clayton Powell was most defining and that he proclaimed we as a people had lost our way; but he said if we could just BUY BLACK AND NOTHING ELSE. We could redefine ourselves as a people. It was a wonderful dream and if Heaven is anything like that I think I'm gonna BUY BLACK AND NOTHING ELSE. The dream involved many other facets and I tried to get back there last night but to no avail. So I must end this post with a sage thoughts from all our fallen leaders BUY BLACK AND NOTHING ELSE if we as a people would like to save our communities.

Feb. 2, 2012 Don Cornelius A Call Unanswered

You know that one of my very first thought's upon hearing about Don Cornelius's suicide was why did this man who opened the door for so many to walk through to a level of success not have anyone who could open the door so that he could feel the need to live another day. Don Cornelius this legend of love, peace and soul feel so detached from his words that the only peace he could find was at the end of a gun that blasted away his love and soul for life. Today we hear the tributes and memories of a man's worth but yesterday when those words could have truly meant something the only sound in Don Cornelius's home was the sound of gunfire inflicted by him. Did he simply feel that the world had lost all meaning and no one cared about this icon of our community? I wonder in the milliseconds before the bullet pierced his brain did he wonder why no one was around to stop this act of madness?

Path To Greatness

Who's on the path to GREATNESS today? I can see it, I can feel it, the road is clearing and there is space for you so please don't delay.  So come on and join me as we all make a difference in someone's life. Why not tell someone, anyone that you love and respect them today. If you can do this simple ACT. You Yes You, can began your journey to GREATNESS because You and only You deserve it. If the willow tree can withstand the torturous winds and hold it's roots. You can withstand life's obstacles and make a difference, and build that road to GREATNESS by doing one small ACT a DAY. Make that Act Today A Willingness to Help Another See The Greatness That is Within Them and You May Find The Greatness That Is Within You All  Black History Begin with You So Make Your History Great!

March 6, 2012 Morgan's Disappointing Season Ends

The Morgan Bears dreadful basketball season came to an abrupt end today to the hands of the Hampton Pirates. This season which held some much promise in November was bushwhacked in Columbia, South Carolina by a misunderstanding by the President of South Carolina State and our Coach Todd Bozeman. Did he hit his player on purpose? No, but Coach Bozeman was suspended and the damage was done. The team's star players seemingly never left the gate and performed poorly Dwayne Jackson and Kevin Thompson were supposed to dominate the MEAC this year but they were relegated to spend valuable time collecting wood splinters on the beach because of lackluster performances. Well Kevin's time is up when he had the opportunity to build his resume this year with rebounding and scoring contributions. He played as if he had cement in his shoes. Dewayne Jackson's performances were scattered with poor decisions during critical times on the court during games. Let's hope that Coach Bozeman can put this miserable season behind him and build up the Morgan Basketball Brand next year with a good influx of freshman who will buy into his style of play. Hopefully Ian Chiles will spend this summer in the weight room as well as build up his cardio system to give the Bears a presence in the paint next year. Dewayne Jackson, must learn that under Coach Bozemen's system the offense is driven inside out and not spend his time on the perimeter launching poor shots. He must take his shots in the flow of the offense. He also must stop listening to those voices in his ears telling him he's a star. The Morgan Bears will be back next year stronger and better than ever but the administration of Morgan must allow Coach Bozemen to coach without his hands tied behind his back. Go Bears 2013 is going to be our year to shine.

Super Pussy Weapon That Can Destroy All That Enters It 8/29/2012

Some Republicans truly think the VAGINA is simply a SUPER SHERO WEAPON capable of warding off Bad Sperm, repelling acts of rapes, and also a military weapon of mass destruction geared to the elimination of the white race.

Shoot had I known that I think I might have chosen to celibacy.

I mean every act of aggressive sexual activity could have been the end of my life if

If I didn't please the SUPER VAGINA.

Hell We're Not Even Missed

As I'm  watching this afternoon this major APPLE announcement and they continue show the audience in attendance. I see Asians, Whites, yet the NOTICEABLE ABSENCE OF Black AMERICANS in the AUDIENCE. Is this a prime example of how we as a people are second class technology citizens? Hell, we not even missed damn.

I was so damn optimistic on changes SCOTUS on 11/9/2012

Now the real work begins let's start with the US SUPREME COURT these three Justices are primed for RETIREMENT and they should immediately submit their RESIGNATIONS not because of inefficiency but because of age and practicality.

Justice Anthony Kennedy Reagan Appointee Age 76, he's viewed more as a centrist and should be nudged hard to go. Both President Clinton Appointee's Justice Steven Breyer Age 74 and Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Age 79 they should really go as a matter of reality and principle both are great liberal voices and protect the rights of the people but younger agents of judicial change are needed to insure that the people's rights aren't trampled on in the next administration.

These changes must be done prior to the 2014 mid-term elections. I didn't mention Justice Scalia because he'll hold on as long as his body allows him too. No way does he even at 77 leave until a strict dye in the wools republican is in office. We can only see him leaving in a casket before 2017. If I'm President Obama I begin to make the essential overtures to these Justices to submit their resignations quietly. The people have spoken strongly to allow President Obama to make these changes. This will give President Obama the unprecedented opportunity to change the voice of the court for the next 20-25 years.

Newtown Massacre 12/14/2012

I'm so disturbed by the events in Newtown Conn. however I'm not surprised because we continue to tout the 2nd Amendment as some Americans do.

The Gun Crazies want to bear arms and they want to bear all types of arms. You really need automatic rifles to hunt? Those deer need to go down with armor piercing bullets from semi automatic handguns. Yet we lean on the CONSTITUTION to protect these rights. The CONSTITUTION was written during a Time Period when muskets were the order of the day and you had to hunt in order to eat.

So, if we continue to protect the crazies right to bear arms? Please don't cry about the acts perpetrated with these types of ridiculous arms. May God accept the souls of those lost today innocent children incapable of changing things.

However, before you cry tears of sorrow get on the right side of this TRAGEDY and DEMAND that we OUTLAW the ownership of these needless killing machines by the common American.

The time is now to demand change before this act is replicated again because it will be replicated again this we all know.

April 15, 2011 Does The President Need A Hug Maybe More?

Obama appears to have offered a defense of federal workers, saying he thinks they compare favorably to private sector workers, but government employees may find more memorable his description of the exceptions to that rule.

He said some government workers are "slugs and not trying to do their job," according to the Knoller report.

White House information technology isn’t much better, in the president's appraisal. When it comes to technology, he says, "we are like 30 years behind.""We can't get our phones to work!

"Wow I think President Obama is feeling antsy and needs a hug Michelle.

Happy Birthday 1/26/2011

At 7,  I was in the second grade at Fort Worthington Elementary School in 1961 and going under desk at Air Raid Warnings

At 17,  I was in the 11th Grade at Northern High School getting by but hardly getting over in 1971 finding myself through experimentation and trial and errors.

At 27,  I married to my first wife and most likely concieved my second son on or near my birthday in 1981. I should be happy but I'm unsettled because my career choices were in disarray.

At 37, I was working hard to get out of failed second marriage in 1991 and starting my successful career at my current company. Thanks that this marriage failed because had I continued in it my world would have been totally different today.

At 47 my baby girl was 2 months old and my third wife and I were adjusting to a new community and a wonderful baby girl in 2001.  I was being recognized for wonderful professional achievements and feeling a renewed sense of purpose.

Now Tomorrow I'll be 57 it's 2011 and I will awake God Willing to another Glorious Day with new friends, a stronger family, and great job. Thanks God for all your blessings you have bestowed upon me.

Feb 22, 2011 Melo's my boy but really NY you may regret this?

Here’s the real question: If Anthony was so good, how come Denver wasn’t better? Last year, the Nuggets were eliminated by Utah in the first round.The year before, with a pretty talented squad, they couldn’t get more than three games from the Lakers and kaboom out of the playoffs again.Look, Melo is simply a magnificent offensive player but he doesn’t defend. He doesn’t rebound. And he doesn’t make the guys around him any better. He might be able to put another team over the top, but not the Knicks.The shame of it is the Knicks were inching toward respectability for the first time in a decade. They had a young roster that hadn't nearly approached its potential. The point guard, Raymond Felton, was only 26 and was averaging 17 points and nine assists. Danilo Gallinari, 22, was good for 16 points and five rebounds. Wilson Chandler, 23, was averaging 16.4 points and six rebounds. Then there was Timofey Mozgov, the 24-year-old Russian center. Who needs another burly 7-footer?In other words Melo to the Knicks is a useless price for them to pay they are still far from a championship maybe even further today than yesterday.

Feb. 20, 2011

Just came home from the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Pride & Appreciation Event it was superb. However I did managed to catch the Slam Dunk Contest I really enjoyed Blake Griffin's performance but come on America but no way that Javale McGee shouldn't have won tonight's contest. He was absolutely off the chain - he busted 3 balls in beating Larry Nance's 2 balls and he dunked on two rims that was simply unbelievable. I love you Javale, you made DC Proud My Brother. Each one of your 4 dunks were 50's in my eyes. Blake  Griffin just has better name recognition in America but believe me Javale's time is coming.The Pride and Appreciation Night Celebration was fantastic. Tex Dean gave me the honor of introducing one of our illustrious Founders John Slade who was the keynote speaker for this evening's event. It was a great honor and one of the most memorable nights that I've ever had in my life. You see I feel that John Slade is one of the most incredible Black Americans I have the pleasure to know. The fact they he also my fraternity brother as well as one of the founders of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity is simply icing on the cake of his incredible life.  When the roll call is made in 2013 for the 50th Anniversary of Iota Phi Theta it is my sincerest prayer that John Slade and all the remaining living founders are alive and well so that all of them receive the recognition that they deserve.For those brothers who live within 90 miles of Morgan State University and didn't make this event you really missed a momentous opportunity to share time with Lonnie Spruill, Frank Coakley and John Slade as well as many brothers of Iota Phi Theta over 30 Chapters were represented.  We will have the 3rd Annual Pride and Appreciation Night in 2012 as we move to our 50th Anniversary in 2013.  So represent Iota Phi Theta Fraternity by being financial and by joining us as we make the move to build momentum for the most fabulous 50th Celebration possible....Ow Ow! 

Deadlocked Jury Deadlocked City

Judge declares mistrial in first case of the officers charged in Freddie Gray death: DEADLOCKED JURY

Now you all know this was going to the outcome right. Deadlocked just like Baltimore City is? Baltimore's most neediest residents are deadlocked saddled in poverty, deplorable living conditions, disgusting educational opportunities. Yes, deadlocked in everyday perilous living conditions without much hope of reaching any level of satisfaction or economic, social or judicial justice. Just as those 12 men and women were serving on the jury in the Porter trial.