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Oct. 21, 2020

Paul Robeson should be revered in the America standards of historical excellence by every person no matter his/her color. However,​ Paul Robeson was a black man​ who refused to shuffle along and be that acceptable negro.

Paul Robeson was proud of his color, his heritage, his community and he demanded that white America respect every man, woman, ​and child no matter their race, creed, or economic standing. It was that philosophy during the era of Jim Crow, The Red Scare, and shuffling to get along negroes that put Paul Robeson on the wrong side of American justice.

So, this brilliant​ man who mastered 20 languages and whose voice was a gift from God was erased by white historians due to his stands on human justice. You wanna talk about personal sacrifice well Paul Robson sacrificed his career to stand for justice.

You wanna talk about being a perceived​ threat by the US Government? Well, Paul Robeson it has been stated that he was poisoned by our government agencies to silence his powerful voice.

Even the NAACP that on this date October 18, 1945,​ awarded Paul Robeson The Spingarn Medal it's the ​highest award for individual black achievement ran for cover because of the perceived damage that Paul Robeson had on the organization's fundraising​ efforts.

So today The Black Blogger will read from two speeches given by Paul Robeson, one given as a 21-year-old valedictorian​ in 1919 and another given as a 54-year-old black man whose greatness was being erased by Americans of both races because of his bold stances for human justice. Along with those speeches I will read about Mr. Paul Robson's greatness. You may try to erase the greatness of those who stood against the tide of injustice but the dimmed light of ignorance will eventually be replaced by the sunlight of absolute knowledge.

Oct. 19, 2020
Building A Network Of Literate Knowledgeable Black Thinkers

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Oct. 19, 2020

In the final analysis it doesn’t mean anything whether Ice Cube met with Trump or Biden to me. You see America was never truly meant to be America to us. For over 400 years our ancestors and our people even today have always gotten the backside of economic, civil, and social justice. So don’t go after Ice Cube for trying go after America for never relenting in driving African Americans down. 

Oct. 18, 2020

Growing up in East Baltimore I didn't get to know Chuck Berry greatness until I was a little older. You see I grew up in the age of the Motown and Philly International. However, as I began to research musical option I discovered Chuck Berry. I mean when you talk of a musical genius the name Chuck Berry rings out loudly. The fact that this living legend is still with us is indicative that God rewards those who rewarded others. Chuck Berry is still married to his first love and he still can hit the licks on Lucille at 90 years of age. Yesterday, I was listening to some of the master's music and I decided to create a little something to salute Chuck Berry. I wrote a poem last year honoring the work Chuck Berry did while this nation was excluding black people from everyday society because of the color of their skins. He almost singlehandedly shut down Jim and Jane Crow when he lit the stage up back in the 1950's. How are you going to hate when Chucky B is being great? Salute this morning to a living legend to black equality and justice Chuck Berry.

Oct. 17, 2020

"It's the little things in life that show one's compassion for others, it maybe that that unexcepted thank you when someone favors you with their time, ti maybe that warm glance of appreciation you give someone just for being there, it could be that warm understanding smile when words aren’t readily available, it also could be having a firm belief in the abilities of others before a service is rendered, you can indeed gain so much more in life when you provide someone that outward sign of respect, it can provide even more intrinsic value than giving someone something material in value, because honestly we don’t always seem on a day to day basis to give respect and caring without a cost demand in return. So, today and tomorrow tomorrow’s
give that unexpected smile, that surprising encouraging word, and of course that welcomed thank you. It will make the person who receives those gifts you give them without demand exceedingly appreciative."

One World, One Love, & Our Only Time Around So Make It Special