Dec. 20, 2015

My Name is Barack Hussein Obama Dammit

My Name is Barack Hussein Obama and dammit I’m not Muslim America! My new name is "RONALD DWIGHT NIXON"

Yesterday, for I don’t know how many times America’s President had to again pronounce to the America public that he isn’t, never has been, never will be a Muslim. I mean the fact that seven years into his Presidency with the almost total destruction of Libya and Syria in his list of accomplishments why he would have to continually pronounce that is absurd to my swirling brain. Maybe this post will offend some of you on the level of ignorance that is exhibited by large pockets of Americans in this nation. However, just because Fox News confuses fiction with reality people you don’t have to be display the same level of ignorance. The war drums of panic are beating from sea to shiny sea and calls for the utter destruction of an enemy without an actual sovereign nation has been the target of that destruction. War mongers like the Senator from Texas Ted Cruz called for carpet bombing supposed strongholds of the hidden enemy. The hell with intentional killings of innocents he says we gonna blow them bastards to smithereens. Carpet bombing, hell is this Hanoi in 1971? Oh, the protector of the human body the man who took the Hippocratic Oath Ben Carson, he says send in the troops in huge numbers and hunt those bastards down. Never mind the fact that along with hunting those mystery fighters down comes with body bags filled with American soldiers. Well, and he’s the surgeon of the group the protector of the human body. Is Ben Carson volunteering up one of his three sons to go search for that murderous seemingly invisible enemy? Oh hell no but not Ben Carson’s babies so why the hell not. Then we go to Donald Trump, who says let just blow the whole damn area up so what is innocents are killed. They shouldn’t know that this invisible enemy meant them harm even if the harm is coming from an outsider state. You even had the Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham called out for a BUSH revival no not Jeb Bush but good old George Walker Bush. Whom Graham invoked the status the of miracle man. Old Georgie, Lindsey inferred would simply show up and them old terrorists would run for the hills. Yeah right Lindsey, moving on.

So with military analysts estimating monthly cost of ten billion dollars a month, 500 wounded American soldiers and 100 dead American soldiers if Obama decides to fight a philosophy rather than a true enemy. Obama, again is forced to pronounce to those in this country I am not a muslim. My mind moves back to Richard Nixon in the Oval Office in 1973 pronouncing to all those of us listening “ I am not a thief” although he seemed to us of us he had been caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar. Why didn’t Obama simply change his name after his first election to George Abraham Roosevelt and put in end to all this name connecting to religious nonsense. Heck to pull in his looney republicans who have had it out for him since November 2008 maybe the name Theodore Ronald Nixon would have been a winner? This country can no sooner go into the Middle East now and come out clean then if you put piglets in the slop and except them come out tournament ready. That road test has already been failed so now America’s only strategy is simply to use the drones of mass destruction and hopefully pick of the invisible enemy one by one until maybe they get tired of fighting, or we get tired of sending in drones. Even the might of America cannot defeat the invisible philosophy of a shifty enemy. Oh he’s in Libya, oh no he’s in Yemen, oh hell he done gone into Yemen, dammit he’s moved into Iraq, oh snap he’s moved into Afghanistan, dammit back to Yemen. If that isn’t a recipe for military disaster I don’t know recipes for disaster. Oh how those neoconservatives long for the days when Saddam held court with Gaddafi and America held court with both.

So, I end my Friday thought with this: If 59% of Americans still think Obama is Muslim, and 7 years into his office Obama is still pronouncing his Christianity. What chance does the black community really have to get economic support to rebuild broken communities from that crowd of loonies? Hell many of those same people probably believe blacks are still slaves right?
Just kidding or am I? So as my daughter told me Man Up Daddy we got a fight to win.