Dec. 20, 2015


60 Second Thought of The Day

Just Because I See Injustice and Call it Out Doesn’t Make Me Angry About Everything

Yesterday, one of my fraternity brothers name unmentioned responded to a post I made on his page. He said his post brought out a touch of a non-angry side of my persona. I questioned his response and he said that my 6o second thoughts of the day seemed to him to be always angry. That really caught me sideways because although some of these posts were indeed coming from thoughts reacting to utter disgust of obvious blatant acts of injustice against black brothers and sisters. It seemed to him that I live in my lair pontificating constantly with anger and malice to mankind.

Damn, my daughter and my wife are strong souls to have to endure such hatred and anger yet smile and maintain sanity in their lives. Oh, I could be angry I have every right too be since my career was snatched away from me from no fault of my own. Yet, I wake everyday to renewed hope that things will indeed work themselves out for the Hall family and we will indeed regain some more economic stability in our household. Yet, all my bills are paid monthly, and the fridge and freezer are full and baby girl is dressed to the max each and everyday. So, I am hardly spending my days in anger looking for victims to out to get a measure of revenge for my situation.

Yet when Brother Hall saw young brother LeQuan McDonald savagely killed on the streets of Chicago by a policeman with wanton viciousness Brother Hall was supposed to be the good negro and sing kay sierra, sierra whatever will be will be. If Brother Hall calls out that act in a purposeful essay anything regarding injustice then damn brother why you so angry? Sandra Bland killed for being an uppity negro and talking back to a white stormtrooper but damn Brother Hall he so angry, why is he so angry? Nine year old targeted by senseless gang violence but that damn angry Hall is out for blood. America’s jailhouses privately funded and stocked full of our brothers and sisters due to systemic plans of mass incarceration to keep the profits flowing. Please Brother Hall don’t be angry, be merry, be happy, because you know God did make little green apples and it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime. Forget the fact that God also doesn’t like injustice on the streets of Los Angeles in the wintertime.

When I see the body bags mounting on the streets of the city in which I was born and I call that out. Brother Hall asks that communities unite and build together, rather than apart. That our communities gain and learn more sacrificing today for a better tomorrow then by destroying itself for no reasonable cause. Those thoughts are truly an angry thought coming from you Brother Hall. Brother Hall knows damn well that the black communities in Baltimore City aren’t about positive engagement. When Brother Hall saw the murder of Freddie Gray by some, not all those charged policeman in April. He had the nerve to call out this injustice because Lord knows there were definitely many more unknown Freddie Gray’s who faced the same final consequences. You know Brother Hall over himself some baseball so why wasn’t he that happy soul who said well the Orioles are playing well why give a damn about this and other injustices, Play Ball. Baltimore City’s police force is a system seeped in unjust actions against the citizens who are most vulnerable but Brother Hall is an angry man.

Oh my Brother Hall then definitely crossed on the edge of virtual madness and complete anger he’s started to support the efforts of Minister Louis Farrakhan and every normal righteous black person knows that he and his followers aren’t in a constant state of anger. How did this happen to such a wonderful person as Brother Hall? Damn, Brother Hall is telling us to put away the Santa Claus myth and to sacrifice buying christmas presents in 2015. Damn, not only is Hall angry Hall done gone and lost his ever loving mind. Never mind the fact that Minister Farrakhan and his followers are simply working to revive the final dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on “redistributing the pain”. Heck, Brother Hall also tried to imply that King’s real dream was not the dream on August 28, 1963 but the dream is was talking about on the night before his murder in Memphis, Tennessee. Our black communities are collapsing around us with no mean plans on how to develop economic self-sufficiency but that damn Brother Hall is an angry man. Why read his words of thoughtful encouragement when we know those words are going to be laced with venom and anger? Christmas, did he say Christmas?

So to all those who may infer that all I do and care about is spreading anger amongst my Facebook Family understand this I’m just as happy about happy things as anyone else. However, folks when injustice shows his or her’s ugly head the anger he evident and hopefully persuasive. My 60 seconds of thought keep my mind engaged as our community gets aroused and hopefully implements plans towards real social and economic self-sufficiency.