Dec. 20, 2015

Ravens Down

Damn it's hard being a Ravens fan in 2015 really damn hard. This is embarrassing to see us sink so low so fast. Ozzie you cannot throw snake eyes on any more upcoming drafts. We need some energy upfront on the pass rush someone who will strike terror in QB's in the league. Also someone who would allow QB's to sit back and make dinner while searching for always open receivers.
Brett Perriman, my dear sir please make sure that whatever is wrong with you is fixed by the start of minicamp. We need you to know all the routes and utilize all the speed to get downfield as threat. You can't threaten anyone with street clothes on the sidelines. Goodbye Ladarius Webb it was fun while if lasted but you are done. We gonna be stuck with Smith22 for at least another season. So Smith22, sir please take off 30 days get your head straight. Then Smith22 please go into the film room to comprehend coverages again. It would be great Smith22 if that film study could be done with Ed Reed and Rod Woodson at your side for Q & A. Joe Flacco while you recover from knee surgery please go to film study camp with Jon Gruen. It is vital that you begin too understand the mechanisms of being an NFL QB. That includes learning how to read defenses and not to constantly throwing into the teeth of coverages.
Terrell Suggs, my buddy, my pal call it a day and walk away. Please take Elvis Dumervil with you. You cannot come back from a second achilles injury and Elvis simply has left the building. We need at least one maybe two new linebackers to refresh the group since Ozzie threw craps drafting Brown with a number two pick. The wide receiver group currently is atrocious and needs a complete reset. So maybe our only hope is that our Ravens can get cap money freed up. So we can get something resembling an NFL receiver on the team. Can't complain too much about the running back since they are all young except for Justin Forsett. Justin has definitely has played his last game in Baltimore. We need a backup QB who doesn't throw pick 6's with regularity. Maybe, since Colin Kapernick loves his Harbaugh's we can give him a clipboard just in case Joe isn't ready for prime time by season time.
Dean Pees, later gator we need a youthful, dynamic defensive innovator to take the reins as we rebuild our vaulted D again. I'm cool with our Offensive Coordinator since you need some consistency in that area. You cannot change that position every year. So it will be more than likely tough times in B'more for a couple of seasons. However in John Harbaugh we trust and he will bring this team back to it's rightful position of leading the division and being playoff bound.