Mar. 30, 2018

Fly on an Elephants Ass

Yesterday evening I had this thought related to how much of an effect Reverend Al Sharpton had on Justice Anton Scalia when he demanded that Scalia recuse himself from the Supreme Court for his unjust statement he made on the bench last week. Scalia implied no he stated that blacks students need to go to less rigorous schools because they are overwhelmed at primarily white institutions. So in one treacherous, deceitful, malicious statement, he took down both the intelligence of black students as well as all the historically black universities and colleges across the nation.

My statement was simply this; Al Sharpton has as much impact on the feelings and actions of Anton Scalia as a single fly has on landing on the ass of an elephant. The statement wasn’t met to be harmful on my part it is simply the reality of the situation Black Americans are confronted with on a daily basis in this country. Many of our black brothers and sisters continually think that this country will eventually open its arms up to a world of complete and absolute justice for everyone. Surely we jest that in 2015 America that pronounces “justice for all”, will eventually live up to that creed for people of color in this nation. Yes, I did say jest because to specific sectors of this country the reality of justice for all is simply a joke. Now, I am not saying that “all” white people are our enemies that is foolish talk. I am saying that those white’s who impact real power in decision-making haven’t shown blacks anything other than the backside of injustice.

Brothers and sisters of our tattered, dysfunctional, and starving communities the time to stand up, link up, and lock up arms is now. For just as Al Sharpton landed on the elephant of injustice Scalia ass as that single ant without consequence. We also are single flies struggling on the ass of America’s unjust society’s ass. How can we affect the changes in America and demand justice for all when we as a people have been virtually ignored when the demand for our justice has been called for? How can we demand justice and equality when brothers and sisters we have allowed our communities to collapse around us? 

How can we demand justice for all of those suffering in our communities when the majority of our dollars scurry out of our communities like rats looking for cheese? In order for justice to be achieved our community residents themselves must move from America’s unjust elephant's ass. Justice, my friends will not and was never intended to found there and must be reinvented by a union of real like-minded peoples.

Justice will definitely be found when conscious decisions are made by the majority to seek actual change. Our communities were indeed at one time united because the blatancy of racism was indeed an ordeal our ancestors suffered. However, that struggle for civil rights is long past. We can no longer refresh the page and expect similar results. Marching for change had it’s day and lo that day was a glorious chapter in our magnificent history. Yet we marched right into a burning house of hell. We allowed ourselves to again be the tools of injustice. Now only us together as brothers and sisters can redeem our communities. How do we go about moving off the elephant’s ass of injustice? We do it by any means necessary as Brother Malcolm pronounced. We do it by scrimping our nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars together to invest in each other for a change. We as conscious people take what crumbs that are given us and make full loaves of bread for every one of us to share in. No longer do we march without purpose. Our marches now will be to awaken the voices of communal engagement of rebuilding black businesses. 

If Black Lives Matter then Black Businesses must appear and Black Customers must support them. If Black Lives Matter then Black Savings must be magnified and replicated throughout our homes in this nation. For the only true justice, we can achieve is the economic independence that says to those denying justice “the hell with you we’ll build our own again”. We will make it better for us together as a unified economic force. When those that deal injustice see that those ants have left their ass of injustice. Those in power will be hesitant in ignoring our voices ever again. For, in the final analysis, those in power need us more than brothers and sisters we need them. You must understand and believe that purposeful linkage in our communities is possible it only takes a few of us flies to move off that elephant’s ass.