Dec. 20, 2015

Scalia you really still stuck in 1953 Huh?

60 Second Thought Of The Day Maybe Just a Little Longer Than A Minute

Scalia Really is this 1896 or 2015 or do you and Clarence Thomas Long for the Good Old Days

If ever there was a reason for the black communities across this nation to rise up, link up, and build up then the fact that a Supreme Court Justice felt it was cool for him to pronounce on the bench that in 2015 Negroes simply are out of there elements in primarily white institutions. Our young brothers and sisters simply cannot compete intellectually with young white college students. Oh, he didn’t mention that fact that those same white students cheer insanely on Saturdays at university campuses specifically University of Texas for our black brothers running up and down the football field. Or, nor did he mention that in the winter that our young black brothers and sisters are on the basketball with primarily white students in the stands cheering madly. Black college students at these primarily white institutions are cool to be viewed simply as entertainment options. However, taken off the field of play and placed in classrooms forget about that equation. Those same students of color are out of their element. Lord help us if black student doesn’t have peak athletic skills and are judged only by intellectual content. These young brothers or sisters need simply not apply.

I cannot imagine a court with Justice Thurgood Marshall sitting on the bench sitting there and accepting these statements by one of his colleagues on the court. Yet our community has come to understand that Justice Clarence Thomas is no Marshall in any way possible. Hell, wasn’t Scalia saying that the fact that blacks not being able to compete with whites evident in that fact Clarence Thomas was a product of that situation? Didn’t Clarence Thomas attend a white university and look what that situation produced Thomas? I mean Clarence hardly blinked when his good old buddy Scalia sprouted those racist words of ignorance? You knew he heard it before and most likely those same words came from his own lips before. Many conscious-minded brothers and sisters are asking for all members of the black community to utilize the plan of Dr. Martin Luther King to redistribute the pain so that are words of discontent are aligned with an action building plan to long term community economic self-sufficiency.

If Justice Anton Scalia feels this way and his seat on the bench cannot be threatened by an electors vote. It should be evident to anyone thinking logically that so many people in this country most likely feel that Scalia’s thought is acceptable thought. Or, he wouldn’t have made it public on the court this week. Young brothers and sisters it goes beyond not spending on Christmas it extends towards finding effective partners that intend to build us up rather than wanting to take us down. Chief Justice Roger Taney pronounced “separate but equal” was the law of the land in the 1896 Plessey vs. Ferguson decision; Chief Justice Earl Warren bought America to it’s senses in 1954 with Brown vs. Board of Education that struck down Taney’s edict. In the 1971 Bakke vs. California , Justice Lewis Powell noted that lawful affirmative action programs may be based on reasons other than redressing past discrimination -- in particular, a university's educational interest in attaining a diverse student body could justify appropriate affirmative action programs. Since that 1978 decision it has been the primary objective of certain sectors of the American society to end this practice addressed by Justice Powell. This cat Powell, these voices of injustice say overstepped his judicial authority. We only want black brothers and sisters on our primarily white campuses to entertain us on the athletic fields but beyond that forget about it.

So brothers and sisters, please put your money in your pockets this holiday season. Why not purchase only those items necessarily essential for day to day survival. Why not celebrate only those days that are truly meaningful for you and your family; birthdays, and anniversaries. Those holiday days created to take monies out of our pockets ignore those days. Why not look for ways to secure community economic self-sufficiency. Then maybe we can make Justice Scalia eat his words of injustice; and force Justice Clarence Thomas to understand that by turning his back on his blackness; is his problem not ours.