Dec. 20, 2015

How many Fred Hampton’s have we buried since 1969 Black America before their voice was found?

This afternoon why driving to Bowie, Maryland I was reminded that on this date exactly 46 years ago the Chicago Police Department in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Chicago Attorney General’s Office raided the apartment of a young black leader Fred Hampton and savagely murdered him. Those law enforcement agencies riddled his body with bullets too insure that his voice that was just beginning to be impactful would be silenced forever.
It is said that J. Edgar Hoover was truly concerned that a black messiah was either born or would be born who would lead the black populace to eventual justice and equality. That’s why he pursued any black emerging leader or group to insure that this messiah would never emerge. The question I had this afternoon while driving in my car is have we the black community already done the job that Hoover was so adamant in disrupting.
We see death and destruction everyday in our communities. So much so that it feels as if black brothers and sisters have a high barometer quotient for accepting the violence we inflict on each other. Yesterday, or should I say last night I posted about the redemption that Melvin Williams sought and was granted by his God. You see, Melvin understood that he may have indeed been responsible in his actions to gain ungodly economic gains the death of some man, or woman strung out on his distributed product. That black messiah that our people so urgently need and power of power fear.
That is why Melvin William’s redemption was so important to his personal story. That is also why in Melvin’s final years he worked tirelessly to rid the street of the poison that had so captivated all of his followers.
However, little did Melvin and those like him know. That one day in the mid-70’s some enterprising, intelligent white people had already thought up a solution to the emergence of the supposed black messiah. These people why establish plans to destroy personally what the black community may indeed be willing to do with the negative actions of personal greed and destruction. Simply meaning just let the black community seek and destroy their own messiah themselves.
So, the government, and economic agents of destruction simply flushed into our starving economic communities resources that would both bring gain to a few and murder and mayhem to many. In came the drugs, followed by the massive cache of weapons of immediate destruction and voila out went our communities. Indeed, they also packaged the drugs with a mass incarceration model to insure a double-pronged attack on black people across this nation. If the bullets didn’t catch that messiah then jail cells would indeed circle back and possibly do the job. In addition to those models black were encouraged to kill the seed before it was born so as to not disturb the lifestyles that they were living.
Our black brothers and sister hardly stood a chance once the voices, agitated, educated and confrontational had been silenced after the death of our King. So we rolled along merrily living our lives while the plan implemented did the job it had intended. We continued to fall further back economically, socially and judicially in as system not meant to provide us real relief. It was striking just how quiet it was while body counts and body bags saturated our cities; to levels unseen at any other time in our communities history. The jail cells filled up with faces that showed the misery and hateful nature of this devious plan. No call came, or few call came for justice while this plan was in full effect.
Now, our youths voices are awakening from the fog of disinterest. Those who once ignored the voices of who were unjustly treated are now again becoming agitated, educated, and confrontation again. Maybe, just maybe, out of those agitated voices a black messiah, or messiahs will appear. The voices that will lead our communities to its rightful place on the justice and equality plateau of humankind in this nation. Or maybe we possibly build a nation of our own.
My hope is that we buried far too many Fred Hampton’s while our community was asleep at the wheel of accepting injustice.