Dec. 20, 2015

Little Melvin is Little No More

I remember as a kid growing up in Baltimore hearing the name Little Melvin. It struck fear in the hearts of many people both black and white. You see Little Melvin was responsible for the mass distribution of heroin on the streets of Baltimore. I saw many a nodding junkie that was captivated by the product that Little Melvin's legion distributed. Hell, Baltimore was seemingly the apex of the heroin trade in America. The white powdery substance that eventually flowed through the veins of junkies in Baltimore reeked death and despair on many homes. It tore apart families due to the urge driven by that addiction. I know from a personal standpoint how it's destructive nature can kill dreams and aspirations of anyone within its reach. You see I lived that addiction in my home because two of my brothers were addicted to that drug. Both of my brothers eventually were taken from this earth because of its use. They both lived out not the dreams of hope but the scourge of dope.

Little Melvin was caught and spent years incarcerated in federal penitentiaries for selling that abusive drug. After he served his time he could've probably continued the distribution of that awful product and probably would've made more millions of dollars. Little Melvin had the knack for leadership as well as salesmanship. He was indeed an enterprising genius. The same streets that formed Reginald Lewis, America's First Black Billionaire formulated and taught skills to Little Melvin. The only thing that separated the two I believe was the paths each decided to choose. So after serving his time for his crimes Little Melvin needed more than what this earthly world could provide him. Little Melvin sought the comfort of the highest being. Little Melvin prayed an earnest prayer that asked for redemption. Those prayers were indeed answered. How do I know? Well, Melvin chose to attend the church of my choice Bethel AME Church on Druid Hill Avenue in West Baltimore. I never knew Little Melvin but I did get to know Melvin Williams. I grew to respect and love that man. You see for all the wrong Melvin may have done getting to that specific redemptive moment. I believe that God freed his mind of the guilt he held for the damage he had done. My feeling is that upon his salvation Melvin Williams soul and purpose in life was secured. Melvin Williams was truly a redemptive spirit. I once feared this man because his reputation warranted that fear. However, that fear evaporated into respect seeing him in the pews every Sunday morning. I not going to talk about The Wire, or his eventual role in that series or his roles. The only role Melvin Williams cared about was his redemptive role with Jesus.

Over the next few days until his homecoming people will talk of the legend of Little Melvin. However, personally I'm going only on the redemption of Melvin Williams. Rest in Peace my Brother and may the God we cherish and adore have mercy on your redeemed soul.