Dec. 20, 2015


I would like to first thank everyone who has read and enjoyed this old man’s words and memes that I have shared on this social media site. It is has been simply my goal to provide a different insight on what I see these posts as issues that need a “focused look” . If you agree you agree, if you disagree you disagree, but the beauty is the sharing of thoughts and building circles of people willing to seek change and not accept the status quo. Especially when that status quo is so detrimental to the development of our communities nationwide.
Today, I would like to take you back hundreds of years back to the days when the travel parties of caravans were so prominent on the landscapes of foreign lands. These caravans were magnificent sights with beautiful draped enclosures that sheltered those who riches afforded such luxuries. The thing that was commonplace when these caravans moved from village to village was that the noise and commotion drew barking dogs. Yes, barking dogs, these dogs were always disturbed by the sight and sound of caravans. So, it was written back in those times that the dogs would bark incessantly until the caravans was out of sight and sound. Do you know what also was commonplace during the movement of the caravan from the village to village? Well, those yapping and barking dogs never disturbed the movement of the caravans. They continued to move and move along elegantly with purpose to the eventual destination of the peoples who had a destination in mind. Hence, yapping and barking dogs cannot stop the majesty of what is right and wonderful. The dogs may bark but the caravan moves on became a common saying.
Well, today brothers and sisters we have many barking dogs, yapping dogs, putrid dogs that are barking loudly. These dogs of injustice and inequality come in many breeds of people. They sometimes are clothed in blue with insignia’s that purpose protection; they can sometimes be draped in robes and are asked to judge the innocent; they may also come in the finest of suits and dresses with monies earned off the misery of others; they can even look just like you and I but they lurk only to maim, injure, or kill; but the thing each has in common is that they all relish in expansion of injustice and inequality for peoples all over our communities. Somewhere along the lines we in our communities has discarded our caravans and disbanded them for now it seems that these barking dogs have managed to halt the progress and stop the movement. You see my brothers and sisters we had been on the cusp of developing magnificent caravans of justice and equality. There was a period that we yapping dogs of injustice and inequality barked our people responded, good people, people of of all colors responded and joined the caravan of justice and equality. The barking dogs barked but our caravans moved on seeking justice and equality. We believed in each other and hoped that we all for gain from the collective force of common goals. Our communities testified to that because there was the obvious pride we all had in ownership of our homes and businesses. We may not have had the best but we had each other and at that time having each other was good enough. When, threatened by outside forces we banded together and sought ways to minimize the pain caused by injustice. When tragedy stuck one it seemingly stuck everyone and we all sought ways to endure and diminish the pain.
However, something strange happened; something that we fought for something we envisioned would make our situations grander . We were allowed to join another’s caravan, the caravan that we felt had the solutions and would also make our own caravan stronger. The thing is brothers and sisters we stopped taking care of our caravan while joining another's. We also joined a caravan in desperate need of repair; a caravan that was severely infected with barking dogs of injustice and inequality. We weren’t even welcomed in the caravan but we happily joined it because on the outside not able to look in the caravan was just so damn beautiful.
Little did we know that the beauty was an illusion and on the inside this caravan was burning from the inside out. By the time we realized what we had joined into. We had already destroyed some of our caravans. We also allowed those in whose caravan we joined to destroy our beautiful community caravans that we had so meticulously maintained for generations. They had us now lock, stock and over the damn barrel.
Now the call has come for the communities of the brown and black peoples to awaken from the fog of injustice and inequality. We, brothers and sisters, are being asked to seek solace in solidarity. We are being asked to no longer support the caravan whose intent has been to only abuse and neglect our needs. We being asked to moved away from a caravan that includes the barking dogs of injustice and inequality. We, brothers and sisters are being asked to build our own caravans of justice and equality again. We must because do this or otherwise we will always be disrupted by those barking dogs. We will never experience the beauty of the caravan of justice and equality that is always moving forward to its destination and is never disturbed by barking and yapping noises. Noises that are coming from those who mean us harm and no goodwill.
If you shopped yesterday shame on you for again supporting a place that cares not for your progress. However, you do have time to redo the harm you have done. How about returning each and every item you purchased with this note “insufficient justice funds” and thanks for nothing. We will never reach our best as long as we think negatively of our own. If we cannot trust the person on each side of us how do we progress. Let The Dogs Bark The People’s Caravan of Justice Moves On!

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