Dec. 20, 2015

Injustice is on my mind on Thanksgiving Day

Injustice is on my mind this Thanksgiving Day Facebook. I wonder why do we willingly accept the injustices that are so prevalent in this country. Why do we have a President pardon a turkey but leave innocent men and women to languish in penitentiaries across this nation.
Why is my Facebook and Twitter pages filled with photos of food and greetings of Thanksgiving wishes? When only two days ago a video was released by the City of Chicago that showed a 17 year murdered in the company of 8 police officers? LaQuan McDonald shot 17 times and laid to die in the street like a dog. What's thankful about that?
The public murder of young brother Laquan Mitchell is as treacherous as the murder of Emmitt Till sixty years ago that took place in Mississippi. Emmitt Till's murder shook this nation to its core when his mother demanded an open casket to show those who reveled in injustice what was done to her only son.
I know everyone loves family but stop it Black America with the Happy Thanksgiving greetings enough already. I didn't see one post from the original Americans today posting about having a great, grand, and glorious Thanksgiving.
My hope is that my brown and black brothers and sisters you aren't already in your cars driving to the beginning of Black Friday sales. Think before you take the plunge to defy the redistribute the pain boycott. The more you encourage this awful behavior by participating in Black Friday. The more likely it will be that we remain powerless in our communities. The more likely that there will be more LaQuan Mitchell's in the coming days and months.

#boycottblackfriday #enoughisenough #IcanloveAMERICAbutstillhateinjustice