Dec. 20, 2015

Save for Justice

My 60 second thought of the morning:

Boycott Christmas Get Tremendous Savings

Clothes. Retailers tend to have compelling deals on apparel all season, but particularly Cyber Monday, says Kristin Cook, managing editor for Ben's Bargains, a website that tracks deals. Also, look for clothing the week leading up to and right after Christmas, when the discount is an average of 45% off, according to data from coupon site RetailMeNot. Winter coats especially tend to be on sale after Christmas, with savings up to 70%.

Black people are looking at those of us who have decided to boycott Christmas as if we have decided to burn the holy grail and wear devil horns. Yet, if the black community could understand the significance of delaying purchases for a mere 35 days, 840 hours, or 50,400 minutes they would indeed show America the power of the black dollar and put some monies in their savings pockets as well if they simply join this endeavor.
Heck, we all know that almost 3 billion dollars of christmas presents go unopened in this country every year. That's 3 billion dollars my brothers and sisters that sit unopened. Presents given with some measure of need to show affection from the giver. We also know that once the clock rings 12:00 midnight on Christmas Day the significant saving discounts begin as stores attempt to clean inventory of all those unsold items remaining on the racks.
What you can do for the community as well as for yourself is delay buying any presents until after all the statistics have been tabulated by companies all over the country related specifically to christmas sales. Yes, my brothers and sisters avoid the temptation to partake in the following incentives:

Walmart Cyber Monday deals start next Sunday night
Black Friday doorbuster maps

Do this my brothers and sisters and show solidarity to the black communities that you want to be rebuilt and developed. Insure that American corporations see the value in black economic withdrawal. You will also be able too secure significant savings by holding out purchasing until 2016. Can you imagine if every black household decided to hold off buying any merchandise until 2016 except the essentials necessary to feed the family or warm the home? Black families setting around the dinner tables as a family discussing the true meaning of Christmas and how HIS birth delivered hope to all that are suffering in this land? Economic withdrawal is not only the correct choice for our community it is also the smartest choice for our community. Many of those living in our depressed communities can neither afford to participate in Christmas buying but also need to take advantage of those true after Christmas savings that flood the marketplace in January 2016. People we have played checkers for centuries in America while those in power tool and fool with us on the chess board of life. Isn't it time for black communities to capture the King? Isn't it time for black colonies to become black communities?