Dec. 20, 2015

We're a Stronger Than You Think America

With the Million Man March on 10/10/15 just on the horizon; you better believe that the psychological warfare and demeaning of the Black Man will begin in earnest over the next 10 days.
Watch for it, it started last night on 20/20 with the rehashing of the saga of OJ Simpson on ABC. Then on cable this week they plan go all OJ 24/7 with shows on A&E and Lifetime Cable on Wednesday and Thursday. It's not enough to do just one show on OJ Simpson they plan too have at a minimum 2 shows this week and quite a few montages on the internet since somehow miraculously the videotapes of OJ Simpson's deposition has been uncovered. Yet, right America, we as a black community can see through this nonsense. You have demonized Minister Louis Farrakhan​ too the point that many of our communities black churches will not let him appear for fear of some reprisal, massive violent revolution that he is supposed to be conspiring against America.
Now, we will see reams and reams of tapes of the great OJ Simpson who escaped punishment for the alleged murder of his wife and Ron Goldman. The media will show the families of the deceased blatantly calling out for justice in this 20 year old case. Well, America where is our "justice" the justice that we as a black community so rightfully deserved. Where is the reams and reams of tapes that disclose the bigotry and hatred against people of color in this country.
The media has the power too change the course of the discussion to one of healing but they continue too gravitate too and ratchet up the dial that encourages hate and mistrust. Let's not be suckered America this is an attempt too separate right-minded people against each other using demonization of symbols. OJ Simpson is everything bad that epitomizes a black man. He had it all yet he had the nerve too get away with murdering white people. He is the closet thing too the devil to many white people in this nation.