Dec. 20, 2015

Who Speaks For Baltimore? Really the Real Baltimore?

Really, If I didn’t know the facts hell I would be moving to Baltimore. Hey, come on now I understand a positive spin but this is ridiculous. Baltimore a city where a majority of adults and children can’t come out after the sun comes out for fear of getting murdered. Baltimore, a city that has probably the largest number of boarded up homes on the east coast. Baltimore, a school system that is not only in complete disrepair but didn’t pay all its teachers the last pay period. Baltimore, oh yeah where law enforcement runs rampant on the least of those on the regular. Baltimore, where life is disrespected with one of the highest murder rates in the world. Baltimore, where unemployed youths, illiterate and unskilled live out lives without hopes and dreams. How come politicians are so afraid of the truths of life. You say I see a glass half full Brother Hall. Well, I say for many folks in Baltimore they don’t even have a glass. Who speaks for those people; the voiceless, hopeless, visionless people of Baltimore? Who?