Dec. 20, 2015

The Real King

Brothers and Sisters, if you have a chance read Tavis Smiley book "Death of a King" Understand this that most of Middle Class Black America in both the northern and southern states had closed off MLKJr in the last 2 years of his life. You see when Dr King stepped out and crossed LBJ's wars in IndoChina by saying it was unjust. These Middle Class Black Supporters just about went ballistic in their negative feelings on his position on the immorality of this war both publicly and behind the scenes. They were fierce and quite negative towards Dr. King. I mean how dare he cross the white negro advocate LBJ; MLKJR even refused too meet with LBJ numerous times in the final two years of his life. We are talking about some of his closet associates those who loved and admired the man felt he had loss touch with the community. King had gone off and decided on his own that this war in Vietnam was a sickness that was destroying the fabric of the nation. It didn't matter that eventually after his death historians would agree with this stand.
The so-called FOK didn't want any parts of this new King; the one who opened his eyes too the nightmare and wasn't stuck on the Dream on the Mall. We've been brainwashed by society too only see the 1963 King and ignore the 1967/68 King since his murder in Memphis. 
The new King was starting too fully understand how deeply embedded racism was in all facets of American society. He understood that the only way too truly impact this country was too bring economic pain on those who had neglected poor black, red, white and brown communities for centuries. The new King say hell no we need no go to kill on foreign shores when the nation we were swore too protect hadn't protected the rights of some many for so long. Why spill blood unjustly for a cause that was not against an invader threatening our shores. The new King had pointed his needle of injustice directly at those provoking injustice around the world. The needle was directed at Washington DC. He never got too see his new vision actualized and we his family has allowed this country too glorify the wrong image of King. King knew that the only change , real change was going to happen in America would be if there was a sharing of the pain. That is why we as a community must unite and ‪#‎boycottchristmas2015‬ because we are the people the New King saw as true agents of change. You must close your eyes for a moment and meditate on this thought do you have the will too be a dynamic agent for your community? If the answer is yes than join the movement for a united black community.
So when you ask people of his age too boycott Christmas many would tell you the I have a Dream King would never support such an action; When in reality the 1967/68 King was already onboard with that very same action. However, that Dr King is unknown too many black Americans today my Sisters & Brothers. Let's open the eyes of our community too the real Dr. King not so made up image simply meant too keep us disengaged.