Dec. 20, 2015

The World is Collapsing Obama Done It



Ebola is coming.....Obama did it...Isis is in my neighborhood ....OBAMA did it....the Mexicans are getting a free ride with iPads, college educations, healthcare, and plenty of those federal dollars; Obama did it.

Those negroes done got so uppity think they really free and equal;now you know OBAMA done done it; Someone gonna take my gun; babies dying from shots of lead, so what you ain't gonna get my semi-automatic, hell I need for those pesky deers; Obama done it.

The economy is improving; so what, unemployment is down so what, the stock market is up so what, Ebola makes my shit bloody and that's all that counts; OBAMA did it. Isis is gonna cut off my head while I shit blood;OBAMA did it!

The Republicans say you won't shit blood; I'll keep my head; I'll keep my gun; They'll build that wall and keep those scheming, cheating, murdering Mexicans in Mexico; and of course make them negroes know their place;

So ain't no doubt in my little own mind if you speak like against sense and sensibility then we're surely voting for that. Keep America stupid for as long as possible. The world is heating up and dammit it's all Obama's fault.