Dec. 20, 2015


Stokley Carmichael was one the greatest human activist's to ever grace this planet..From Black Power, To hell no we won't go, African Americans and many other poignant sayings we owe so much to his work for lifting others from lows to highs.
Beginning on the campus of Howard University, moving to the Delta of Mississippi, to back roads of Alabama, from East Coast to the West Coast of America, from Havana, Paris, London, and the great cities of Africa. Stokley's words lifting us up from despair from disbelief to belief in ourselves. I will be forever indebted to Stokley Carmicheal "Kwane Ture".

“If Stokely’s call for “Black Power” in Mississippi remains the most iconic part of his legacy, multiple dimensions of his activism helped to transform American democracy in the 1960s. His willingness, indeed eagerness, to risk physical danger for freedom’s cause earned him a well-deserved reputation for courage and fearlessness. Carmichael’s activism changed the aesthetics of the black freedom struggle in ways that still reverberate around the world. Through speeches, books, and interviews, Carmichael transformed the discourse on race, war, and democracy in a manner that influenced Martin Luther King. Carmichael, at his critically improvisational best, reimagined democracy’s political, geographical, and economic frontiers. And he did so with style. Following Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, he turned the quest for black freedom and citizenship into a performance that enthralled and inspired supporters.”