Dec. 21, 2015

Don't Open Your Eyes Now NBA


Donald Sterling is and has always been and will 4ever be who he has always been that 5❌ racist .

Yet he has owned that CLIPPER TEAM since 1981 without any real intrusion from the owners and commissioner of the NBA.

Now they want to fry the man for his hatred and bigotry. Stern gave this idiot the top point guard in the world.

They should accept acknowledgement that they accepted his vile and hateful words for many years.

Sterling killed ELGIN BAYLOR'S career and reputation when he shouted from the rafters that this fool needed to be dealt with and when the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT validated his racism in a case in which STERLING went after minorities living in horrid conditions in his housing developments Stern was silent.

So after reviewing all the information gathered against STERLING this weekend excuse me for saying it's a day late and a dollar short.