Dec. 21, 2015

Morgan versus Howard 12/07/2014

Oh Boy can't wait until the meat of the MEAC season starts because this afternoon the Morgan State Bears​ ate some good olde Bison Burgers at Hill Field-House. I mean it's been quite a while since I've the likes of the beating that the Bears inflicted on the Bisons, or in that case any other team of comparable talent.
The team played a stifling defense lead in the middle by the shot stopper Ian Chiles​, and by the way the young man also has quality taste in ladies. Also Todd Bozeman​ has you're son missed a shot yet? Blake Bozeman was deadly from the 3 point range and his range was NBA 3. If he continues to pop shots like that any team looking to zone our Bears will be in trouble. I mean Justin Black has incredible body control and his ability to drive to the basket is uncanny.
This team's defense was imposing and I mean that ran around picks shut down the perimeter shots and simply moved Howard's shooter inside so that our shot blockers can unleash the dynamite. Really if our Morgan Bears play like this every night and unleash that terrific defensive effort who knows how far this team can go. One thing about defense is that no matter if your shots are falling. You bring maximum, stifling all out defensive effort and you will be rewarded with many "W's".
So Shaquille, Willis, Cedric, Donte, Anthony, Thair, Kyle bring the Heat and we can win the MEAC and give our Coach Bozeman another league and tournament championship.
Great Game fellas I plan to be front and center for the South Carolina Bulldogs on 1/11/2014 when we unleash the beast that is Morgan Bear Basketball.