Dec. 21, 2015

Eddie Robinson Could Build NFL QB's These Days The Secret is Lost

After reading the Chapter "The Laboratory For Manhood" in Breaking The Lines I have to wonder why doesn't someone replicate Eddie Robinson's model for building an NFL QB. I know that there are great NFL QB's currently but with early departures from the college ranks so many QB's are inadequately prepared to led a team. However I truly believe that a college and NFL coach should research and replicate how Eddie Robinson trained James "Shack" Harris to be the model QB.
He taught him toughness, the ability to critically think out a game, move 2-3 and 4 steps ahead to master the reading defenses. He matched that teaching as well on Doug Williams but it seemed to me that the greatest coach ever in either the college or pro ranks resided in Grambling Alabama. The next greatest coach was closeted in Jacksonville, Florida in the name of Jake Gaither who faced so many racial challenges it was incredible that he was able to complied a 80% winning record.
The greatest defensive coach lived in Nashville, Tennessee his name was Joe Gilliam Sr. who I believe took defensive coaching to a whole new level. I also feel that the greatest offensive line coach and developer of blocking schemes resided in Baltimore Maryland at Morgan State College Coach Banks. Yes, these men were men with massive abilities to turn sour grapes into magnificent champaign.
I don't want to leave out one of the greatest salesman in college football Coach Merritt who didn't do much coaching but was an incredible advocate for both Jackson State and Tennessee State.