Dec. 22, 2015

Fuck'em Employ Our Own Inc.

60 Second Thought Of The Day

“Fuck’em Employ Our Own Incorporated”

Yesterday afternoon I had already started my next two upcoming blog entries. Doesn’t that sound tasty Joseph Hall’s blog entries, I mean a place where I can simply go to share thoughts that seeming motivate me on a daily basis.

The first blog was supposed to share a plan my Daddy taught me about money management. It detailed how brothers and sisters can indeed have something set aside significant to make moves that can build wealth personally as well as collectively. The second idea was a spin off on the holiday diddy about Jingle Bells from a black man’s perspective.

I had even started to inject words to paper on both entries. That was until about 2:15 pm when I came across an article that shook me up about how the jobless rate for Blacks was double the rate for Whites in America. Hell, that isn’t news we have know that for quite sometime haven’t we? What really shook me up was the following headline; “regardless of the education levels achieved”. Come on now, America don’t tell me that even black college graduates versus white college graduate those black college graduate unemployment rates are still double that of the white graduate unemployment rates?

The Economic Policy Institute showed that even though the black college graduate rate is below the nation rate of 5%. Those black college graduates still unemployed are still unemployed twice the rate of their white college counterparts. Those who say race is no longer a factor in America digest that fact my brothers and sisters.

"The broader significance of this disparity suggests a race penalty whereby blacks at each level of education have unemployment rates that are the same as or higher than less educated whites," Valerie Wilson, director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy, wrote. "Persistent disparities in unemployment are constant reminders of how race continues to have an undue influence on life in this country.”

If the rate shows that black colleges as being double that of white college graduates. We can anticipate that it is truly significantly worse for those blacks without degrees but some college experience, blacks with high school diplomas and the lowest on the educational totem pole blacks without a high school diploma. Well, strap your saddle for this truth ride Black America. In each of the categories researched the rate of unemployment of blacks was also double, almost triple, or close to double the rate of unemployed whites with the same educational achievement or none achievement considering the levels analyzed.

These figures don’t even capture those of our communities who have simply dropped of the grid as it relates to seeking employment. Nor, do the figures detail those in the various educational categories who are under-employed, in jobs that don’t provide any true satisfaction, or simply wishing for better opportunities to make a true difference in their lives. Those figures would most likely leap off the page and slap us all into a state of consciousness our communities haven’t seen for quite a while. So what do we do as builders of hopeful, prideful, economic thriving communities to change what has been and remains to be a display of economic injustice for a significant sector of blacks in this country? Tell me again is there really someone black occupying the highest political office in this country?


The fact of the matter is we need to really encourage economic development in every community of color in this nation. This method, or movement begins with the understanding that no one other than our own brothers and sisters of color can develop and build our communities, and I mean no one. We cannot depend on Uncle Sam, Aunt Sally, or GI Joe to come to our rescue and elevate the depression that has indeed overtaken our communities. That is why the redistribution of the pain model this holiday season was so vital. It was an attempt hopefully not a futile attempt for those in our communities to fest up to the realities that the current economic system reside in. Each of us as Black Americans live in this system that simply hasn’t treated us equally or justly. Numbers don’t lie friends they indeed tell the story of where we are specifically on the balance scale of justice economically. The facts outlined in yesterday’s articles should be a wake up call for action. The call must be development of action plans similar to the Blue Print that was modeled during the weekend of the March on 10-10-15.

Brothers and Sisters of Color the time is now for the redistribution of pain. We need each and everyone of us to make a concerted effort to find ways to engage business development plans with those who have been educated to make a difference in communities, their communities, our communities; hopefully each of those educated weren’t simply educated to work for someone rather than then themselves.

The new company’s motto shouldn’t be maybe if we build it they will come; it should be you have no other escape route to independence than this action. The company’s name was created last night with a fraternity brother of mine and myself.