Dec. 22, 2015

Santa headed out of town in fright

I hope I don't lose some friends I'm coming after Santa again tonight with my new rendition of Santa Claus is coming to town from a black man's perspective.

Quick Thought Tonight

“There Goes Santa Claus Headed Out Of Sight in Fright”


There goes Santa Claus,

There Goes Santa Claus,

Moving From MLK Way.

Vixen and Blitzen and the Reindeers

Had even warned Santa he was not wanted on 


Not even on Christmas and definitely not on MLK Celebration


The rocks are slinging and black folks pockets are

finally singing

All that is Black is Bright

And Finally Our Community's tight

No longer falling for Santa's devious slight

So Don’t Hang those Stockings

Because poor Santa is caught up in pure black folks fright.

Cause poor old Santa’s continues to miss on the true Black

Man’s plight

Dammit, Santa you haven't wish cards right!

There goes Santa Claus,

There goes Santa Claus,

headed fast as possible from Malcolm’s Way

That bag was filled with tricks and slung back

But our kids were revealing and seeing him as a damn hack.

Hear those sleigh bells ringing loud but hardly proud

What glee from such a sight seeing Santa’s troupe

Covering their head’s in fright

Damn Santa had sure better get in flight

And get the hell out of sight.