Dec. 23, 2015

Rudolph's Santa's Negro Reindeer

I’m coming after the other reindeers and Santa as poor Rudolph has an awakening tonight

Rudolph Santa’s Negro Reindeer


Black Folks might know Dasher, and Dancer, and

Prancer, and Vixen,

Comet, and Cupid, and

Donder and Blitzen

But brothers and sisters with all your might

Guess and I betcha you will slight

The most mistreated reindeer of all

Rudolph, Santa’s Negro reindeer

They say he had this very shiny big-ass nose

and for those who saw it

would say that damn nose glowed.


All of those other high living reindeer

used to mimic him and call him out his name

Hell they never allow poor Rudolph

within their sight and you all know that’s not right

Mistreated without any might

Santa’s poor negro reindeer was quite a damn sight

took even Santa some time forget the fright

When that poor negro reindeer demanded his rights

Santa and the crew put up quite a fight

Because everyone knew negro reindeers with shiny

big-ass noses had no damn rights.



Then one foggy Christmas Eve

That damn Santa came to say, hey

Rudolph you negro reindeer with that big-ass nose so bright you goddammit are guiding my sleigh today.

Those other snooty reindeer shouted out 

yeah dammit finally Rudolph you may go down in 

Christmas history.

Well, something happened Rudolph snorted and

looked right then left 

Rudolph’s negro antlers straighten

Hell No I won’t Go not Tonight

For years mistreated and now Santa you boy Rudolph

is fixed up  for a real fight.

It’s 2015 and dammit you will have none of my damn light.

So Rudolph Santa’s bad ass reindeer stopped all of christmas on that very night.

Stuck in the barn with fog and no nog

Was an ungrateful Santa now seeking truth not delight

Stepping on Rudolph had caused this plight

and as black folks we all know that’s not right.

So on that foggy Christmas Eve 

Santa’s came to say hey you dumb ass reindeers

why didn’t you consider this? Right?

And Rudolph now the Black Reindeer decided

Christmas’s plight and headed out of Santa’s town full of wonder and delight.