Dec. 25, 2015

Be The One Making The Choice For You Don't Let Others Shake Your Desire To Achieve

"Folks as we drive to maintain, develop or increase true consciousness in a country like America that seemingly works its absolute hardest to motivate ignorance and complacency those in our communities should know that it will take the strength and perseverance of Job, and the will and belief to overcome insurmountable odds that enabled the actions of David to defeat Goliath. So as you view my posts on this blog know that it has taken me over 60 years to reach this point and I continue to grow on a daily, minute by minute, hour by hour basis. So, all of us must understand that we reach levels of true consciousness at different points during our human existence. If you are feeling overwhelmed don't be alarmed it just may not be your time or place. However if you continue the search you will indeed reach the levels needed to achieve the extraordinary and exceed anyone's concept of ordinary. You each have it within you to make a significant marks on your communities. Simply choose not too listen to those seeking to dissuade you on the journey because there will be those voices that will eventually be silenced and become mere whispers as road ahead gets remarkably clear for those willing to try."

Joe "Smoke" Hall