Dec. 26, 2015

My Morgan State Bears Were Indeed Historic

This news article is so amazing. I can vividly remember seeing the game and being so proud that Morgan State was on television. Being from Baltimore and 12 years old it was all about seeing someone like me doing something that we all were doing on our fall and summer days. We played football and mimic the players of the National Football League. However, this game was about that college which was about 6 miles from home in East Balitimore. Each Tuesday I read the Afro American Newspaper and read Sam Lacy's column about the going-ons in black sports. In addition this is where I was introduced to the exploits of the Morgan State College Bears. They were always demolishing schools by scores of a whole lot to a little bit. I mean I remember thinking did any team ever score on these players? Could they even give my Baltimore Colts a run for the money? 

Also it never dawned upon me at the time the thought that one day I would be a proud alum of the university. My oldest brother Butch, had just turned 18 and was attending the University of Maryland, College Park he was only 1 of the 20 or so blacks who attended that school. I marveled at the size of that campus when I went to visit him on ocassions when he needed monies from my Dad.  He was the first in my family to attend college since my oldest sister was injured at birth and had brain damage and permanently mentally retarted. So, in my mind I was certainly going to follow in my older brother's footsteps. It wasn't until I visited Morgan State College one day in my early years and saw all these lovely women of color that I felt differently about the school. You see I never saw all these women of color at the University my brother attended. As matter of fact I felt conflicted when one day my brother who I thought was the most militant black person in the world one day brought home his lily white girlfriend but that's another story for another day.

This story is about the team that broke the line in Orlando, Florida against West Chester State College.  Also, the fact that I would personally meet many of those brothers who cracked the color barrier in Orlando, Florida that day. It inspired me as kid hopefully reading this posting to your little ones will get them to fully comprehend and understand the significance of this simple football game. It was an absolutely proud day on gridiron field when men of both colors broke that invisible line that had been separated for hundreds of years in this southern city. Which would eventually house the land of Mickey, Donald, and Minnie Mouse in a place named Disney World. This was long before those characters landed in Orlando, Florida. On this day at the Tangerine Bowl Morgan State College made American history.

Finally, as I conclude this posting I would like to let you know that few of those players who were victorious on the field that day were members of my fraternity Iota Phi Theta. So later in my life  I pledged in 1974 I was to become their fraternal brothers which made me so damn proud.

So as I rise a toast to my, your's, and our Morgan Grizzlies and say I am so proud I went to Morgan State.