Dec. 28, 2015

How many coffee beans make a perfect cup of coffee

60 second Thought of the Day

Just how many coffee beans make the perfect cup of coffee? We got this Negro Problem to Deal With? Oh that’s Done

Last night something provoked a thought in the highest levels of my unwrapped psyche. The metamorphic exchange that is occurring within my brain is simply astounding me seemingly every second of the day. The key unlocked a thought that had been hidden for almost 65 or so years. This portion of psyche was actually there somehow even before I was birthed into this world. That’s why the vividness of the encounter is some damn amazing.

In this encounter my dream took me to a grand room. The room seemed perfect in every way. The center table was circular and so huge it seemed to take the entire of space of this ballroom. Not one of the many lust leather chairs was centered as the lead chair around this table. As I entered the room my presence was obscured seemingly by those participating in the discussion. It was as if I was in this room but not of this room if you can understand. The immaculate mahogany center table had names laden in gold print of the people who were seated around this table:
Names such as Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford, Harkness, Vanderbilt, McCormick, Dupont, Fisher, Baker, Guggenheim, Duke, Fields, Reynolds, Stillman, Widener, Lehman, Warburg, Phillips, Drexel, Gould, Blumenthal and about 40 or so more had single card markers affixed with the family name in bold encrusted gold lettering with diamond dust sprinkled to highlight that person’s attendance.

However, as the meeting was about to begin someone announced the meetings agenda for today. Just how many beans does it take to make the perfect cup of coffee? That was the topic for the leaders of the 60 richest families in America on this weekend. However, in glance I saw Doris Duke say what about them niggas? Her nose turned up as she remarked the following “even my help getting pretty snotty down in our neck of the woods.” When are we going to make plans to deal with them niggas? They even think we going to allow them equal rights, but the call it civil rights. I simply cannot even stomach the proposition of sharing my table with any of those kind. Well, Ms. Duke I so glad you mentioned that because as you know we been working on a plan since Truman integrated the military in 1948. You know that we decided to integrate that game, baseball in 1947 so we could get some more dollars into that situation. Hell, them blacks were bringing more of their kind to America’s pastime then whites were. That had to stop so we got that boy Jackie Robinson to break the color line and with that we got those negro dollars and also destroyed those negro leagues at the same time.

It’s certainly time we announce the findings of the Negro Integration Solution. First off it will not be an overnight thing because we must prepare those negro communities to understand that our group will provide them integration but give the feeling that they really fought hard for it. Hell, just like that thing we did we to slavery, they still think they came from Africa? What’s the word bamboozled them into believing that negroes fought hard for integration and whites conceded integration after this hard fought battle. However, must insure that we eliminate every viable community negro economic option that currently have. You know that segregation allowed some of those niggras to create businesses. It will be necessary for us to change the mindset of those in the negro communities to learn to love white and hate anything black. We will do this by simply infiltrating those communities with folks with the same agenda as ours to suck the life’s blood from all those negro businesses. Hell, by the time we are done they gonna feel anything offered by a black business is so far inferior to what is offered by whites. They will be willing to travel great distances to simply buy anything white. If we are going to integrate make it worth our while economically.

In addition you know currently those negro communities are close, they are bonded together you know that even professional with college degrees live by hourly employees. Now that has got to stop because if that continues the community maintains viable symbols of achievement for the young. Now all of the industries like steel companies, ore companies, and labor oriented companies that manufacture goods will have to leave those urban areas to insure higher unemployment rates. Surely you know that if these laborers make monies those damn educated negro folks just may decide to stay in those cities. Hell, those think tankers mentioned taking all of our businesses overseas we’d sure as hell rather pay someone else then them niggas. That is simply the only option for us. If our plan to destroy the negro communities just for bringing up all this integration nonsense. Hell, we give them integration and they are going to damn regret asking for by the turn of the century; at least that’s what our think tanker say.

Now you know that the negroes have more babies than we do. The think tankers understand our group will not consider adding more family members to share your wealth. So we are going to have our government start a war about every 10 years. Our government is about to expand on this central organization that will solicit and create havoc all over the world to insure continual conflict. This is easy because all we have to do is create hate and you know how damn good we are at doing that. This will keep the male population of those in the negro communities lower because of the body bags. More body bags fewer children, and fewer husbands because families cannot continue to thrive in these negroes communities. One of our more dynamic thinkers introduced this idea of added drugs to the equation because as the unemployment rate increases more depression will set in and voila more negro dependents of narcotics. Narcotics becomes the permanent fix and release from depression. This will also serve as the means to also populate prisons which will also continue the decimation of those negro families. Hell, one those thinkers said down the road we can even start to make monies investing in prisons. How about that lock them and pocket some cash as well. That will serve two purposes now won’t it. In addition we are expanding this planned parenthood thing into every black community. The only thing is that it may backfire because it could also decimate white births since white women also are calling for equality. We just need to keep a careful eye on this situation and if necessary make some accommodations to minimize white women using the service.

Now, let’s talk negro professionals. You know according to the think tank we have to maintain a specific number of negroes in our businesses. Oh, just enough too insure that we keep the carrot out there for those people to reach for. Now, it will be easy to get to the number. The tricky part according to our think tankers is having those who make it that those tell those who haven’t that they can do it too. Only our group knows that isn’t the case but we have to keep the “I did it” philosophy out there. You see its funny. we create the situation, control the situation, and then make those negroes believe that they indeed actually made it happen. Pretty soon we will create in those negro communities a defined class situation of only have-nots since all the haves will have ducked downtown or out of town.

We will be able then to monitor the actions of their groups. In the case of civil disobedience the likelihood will be that those remaining negroes destroy what they have and never get close to anything of real value. Right now negroes love the concept of education and being educated. That has to change. We must make it so that a significant percentage of negroes start to say that education has no value. Hey what would be great if once they see the few negroes make it they will accuse them of being white and losing negro identities. How about that? The think tankers marveled at the notion of turning education from a vehicle of change to vehicle that distorts the ability to communicate with others of the same color. Now Ms. Duke, and all you North Carolinians, you are going to love this we are going to make it beautiful to smoke those nasty ass cigarettes. Oh come on now you only do for the money. Marketing will reflect the coolness, and sexuality of smoking. That will indeed increase the cancer rates in negroes since we all know cigarettes have been proven to cause cancer, the public will never get the real research hopefully.

In addition we plan to increase the number of what they call cut rate stores in the cities. The think tankers feel that one every corner followed by a church on the next corner will suffice. It’s an imperative need those money grubbing preachers to keep asking for cash. The pressure build up will on the families with no cash to give cash then head for liquor stores to drink away the problems. Along with the increase in those cut rate stores will be the introduction of the drugs which will maximize the damage in those negroes communities. More crime, more disruption, insecurity, increased crime and oh suburban housing and all those negroes professionals will be running for the hills. Guess what we then snatched all the available dollars that could support negroes businesses at the same time. Of course by the mid 80’s we will have fully indoctrinated those educated negroes to thinking that negroes never ever, ever even owned a negro business. If they did it went out of business because it was shoddy in product and in service. So now when is this going to be implemented. Well, Miss Duke tell you’re boys down south to keep on creating terror on negroes, let them have some little wins and once we have detailed out this Civil Rights Bill to insure it never works. The Think Tank Negro Integration Plan will be ready to implement in full force. We have started already to implement many of the recommendations of our think tankers. Hell we pay the greatest minds to insure we maintain our position. Now you know we had plans for them negroes. Oh, we will have negroes calling themselves African Americans soon; you all know that reason. The families went over that last year. Please look back in your packets labeled “The Big Lie”.

Now the reason for today’s meeting just how many coffee beans does it take to make the perfect cup of coffee? I woke up and started writing. I had to use the words negroes and niggas because that is what was revealed to me today. It is indeed an honest interpretation.