Dec. 29, 2015

The Murder of Tamir Rice Is That Murder Plain and Simple

60 Second of Thought of the Day


The Murder of Tamir Rice Goes Un-Punished When Will We Wake Up Black Americans

“The outcome will not cheer anyone, nor should it,” District Prosecuter McGinty said. “Every time I think about this case, I cannot help but feel that the victim could have been my own son or grandson.”
There is just one problem with that:

McGinty is white and, as far as we know, does not have any black children or grandchildren.

Legalized Murder That Was The Case Here;
This was simply pure open season shooting of a 12 year old black boy whose dreams of becoming an adult man of great accomplishments was snatched by the wickedness of a sick supposed officer of the law. Whose law we ask? Certainly these laws didn't protect the life of Tamir Rice? Tamir Rice's hopes all ended in a park where play is the aim of children by those deadly actions of an out of control white police officer who it was proven should have been no where near a loaded weapon of immediate destruction. This "big" angry black boy way too big for his age, huh? Was savagely kill by a white man'imal.

Tamar Rice spirit makes the battle cry for justice vocally loud and resounding America, a land deemed democratic, free, and just. How do acts like these continue to afflict peoples of color and go unpunished. These unrighteous, malicious acts not done in the cover of darkness but in plain view have become acceptable by many in our black communities. It simple isn''t right and until we as a black community wake from our dismal slumber of complacency and inaction. These acts of terrorism will continue to strike down future Tamir Rice's at an alarming rate. Until we realize each killing could be a future King, X, Obama, Lewis, Marshall struck down in the infancy of his development before his voice or deeds were magnified to bring justice, true justice to our decrepit black communities.