Jan. 1, 2016

Starting 2016 Right Off With Back Sliding Big Money White Folks

George Lucas Apologizes For Calling Disney 'White Slavers"
60 Second Thought of The Day
Damn That Was Quick George Laser Light Quick I’d Say
Yesterday my final post of 2015 focused on George Lucas’s white slaver comment about Disney. Well, damn if Georgie didn’t backtracked as fast as Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt runs the 10 meter with the wind at 30 knots.
Lucas let out an American money secret and those big money white boys snatched his ass up so quickly it made poor old George’s head spin.
George was sent circling the Star Wars universe yesterday. After those money boys threatened too ship George’s ass to whatever planet they could if he didn’t make this right. Lo and behold his white slavers at Disney are now God’s gift to this green planet. Well, George you let the secret slip out and it’s too let for the few conscious folks out there in reality’s real world planet. However, for most of the deceived and ignorant it will indeed do.
However, you had to return your card which allow entrance to those secret sets which 99.99% of America isn’t welcomed to attend. Also, any future secrets have been mysteriously erased from George’s psyche since he has been proven untrustworthy.