Jan. 5, 2016

60 Second Thought Times they are really Changing Huh Twitter Inc?

Are you ready Black America yet too fully comprehend just how this current corporate system is failing our community at an alarming rate? Well the facts that are being laid out tell a story it’s sure isn’t very pretty. As a matter of fact rather than as many black professionals seemed to believe that improvement is cusp of occurring. It is actually getting worse and I mean so worse that a cutting edge company like TWITTER recently felt it was cool hire as it’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion a white man named Jeffrey Siminoff. Really, Twitter, you feel that you can justify that decision this company built from the minds of these very special millennials. You know those folks who supposedly see no race? Is it really that bad that TWITTER INC. felt in order to fix it’s inclusion situation they needed the white male voice to give it the impetus needed to make that happen? Really? Tweet that Black America?

Three researchers from University of California, Santa Barbara have lifted the lid on this situation. What they uncovered only enforces what many conscious folks already knew. Rather than American Corporations truly working towards a just system of economic opportunity across the lines of races and sex. These companies are pushing another agenda; exclusion rather than inclusion. The percentage of Black Americans has indeed dropped as it relates to representation on corporate boards of directors it has slipped to 8.6% in 2015 after reaching a high of 9.6 in 2010. Oh, you hear the rumbles of justification coming from the companies saying qualifications of prospective board members don’t match the expertise required to be brought on-board. However, when I and others of like minds look at the situation we see a corporate declining in doing the right thing by continuing to do nothing.

Oh, companies have the goals set up for diversity, they talk the talk by holding bias training sessions. Yet the reality is that these sessions simply mask the real issue which is failed established models for hiring high level employees of color to represent these lily white top level corporations. Oh, you will see a few specks on the color spectrometer utilized to justify this shabby ass display of economic injustice. Yet, in reality happiness is only achieved by making those white males who are threatened by coloring of corporate offices happy. If the white male bosses aren’t happy and are threatened diversity becomes an issue that is fronted by true inaction rather then bringing any true resolution to the problem.

While I was one of few of color in the position of asserting any real power at my previous place of employment. The closer I got to moving into a boardroom the more resistance I faced from whites who felt that I should be happy with my place as it stood. When blacks were making the significant sales of educational materials. Those whites controlling economic power decided to change the revenue plan. Oh that revenue plan was fine when those white males were making those sales. However as soon as the color scale didn’t match the sales scale “white to white”. Time for change came almost immediately. The white male was indeed threatened and attempted to erase my and other colleagues of similar hues performance as it aligned to ability to maximize revenue. The corporate structure was one built on commonality and friendship. If you weren’t willing to kiss some ass you simply would stay in place. I saw so many of my fellow colleagues pushed to the side for people of lesser talents simply because of shade of skin. As I held my position those over me sought way to diminish my accomplishments. Once. I was unable to do physically what they deemed was satisfactory. Out the door I was sent because even though I injured on the job they used my dedication to team against me in the end. So, I have no love for the American Corporate Establishment. It was built to satisfy the needs of white male America. I learned that lesson the hard way after 25 years of service to a master who feinted affection but in the end delivered harsh rejection.

So when I read this article this evening I was hardly surprised. Hell, unemployment for every sector of Black Americans is doubled that of White Americans no matter the education level of that Black American. Is it going to get better? Well, I thought those millennials held a special key to being colorblind. Yet, TWITTER INC., answered that question blatantly. We will continue to do what we do because we control what we have. We will not diversify you cannot make us as long as there are white males in control of the box of power. You must understand that control will only come when you build you own damn boxes of control.

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