Jan. 6, 2016

Baseball Was Once Kng of American Sports Now Not So Much

I use to love Baseball's Hame of Fame announcement day. It was the day that honored the accomplishments of those whom men I grew up with. Who could forget Mays, Mantle, Aaron, the Robinson's, Koufax, Palmer, Cepeda, Marchial, Clemente, Stargell, Gibson, Banks, Bell, Paige, and so, so many others.
Now for me The Game, The Hall, the whole damn thing has lost it's luster due to vengeful sportswriters, hypocritical fans, and of course those greedy ass modern day players. These three entities together have put what was once America's Pastime on really shaky ground. Oh, the game may still make monies now but other than fantasies gamers who really gives a shit about baseball.

Pretty soon the game will outlive those who stood by it and will be faced only the perspective that younger fans have to hold down the economic support of this game. That will be difficult since kids can only keep interest in anything for no longer than 20-30 minutes then they are gone mentally.

When "chicks loved the long ball" everyone knew players where taking enhancements and owners were loving the fans in the stands. Writers were hyped about the exploits of the mad bombers and the gun slinging pitchers hitting 98 at 38. Now, they deduce the honoring of whose worthy by whether or now a guilty or positive test was secured? Chicks loved the long ball but writers couldn't wait to get retribution for all those chicks they didn't get?

So, America today can rag on about Ken "Babyface" Griffey, and Mike "I Know You Got Away With It" Piazza. It isn't any fun and I really could give a damn about the number of votes Ken got or didn't or whether Barry "Why Aren't I There Again" Bonds reached the 50% threshold. However, I will look back at the days of my childhood when the game was a game. My heroes were indeed heroes and I went to sleep many nights with the sounds from my transistor radio and the voice of Chuck Thompson. You had to picture the green grass, imagine the smell of the peanuts and popcorn, as well as the sound of the ball connecting with the bat.

I'm so sorry that today's kids don't have that game any longer because what we have today is simply business ball. This is my 60 second thought of the day folks. Baseball who really cares? Tell me who?