Jan. 12, 2016

Isn't America's Story Real Story Interesting

The More History or Truth Revealed The More I Marvel At the Magnitude of the Lie

Intelligent Black Person unveiling new facts:
You’re ancestors weren’t slaves captured in Western Africa they already graced the shores now known as the eastern and southern shorelines of America.

Historically conditioned African American:
Are you out of your mind you fool we were taken from Africa, captured, shackled, and chained and sent to this new land in the belly of slave ships.

Intelligent Black Person unveiling new facts:
We now have historical evidence that revealed that African Americans weren’t African at all they were as native to America as their red brothers.

Historically conditioned African American:
There is simply no way I am giving up the story that my ancestors taught me from generation to generation. Even though no factual evidence has been actually uncovered that ties my family to a African shore.

Intelligent Black Person unveiling new facts:
The peoples that the Europeans encountered when they planted foot in America were as black as you with similar characteristics. These people had communities and thriving civilizations.

Historically conditioned African American:
You see now I am getting angry you trying to take away my history, it’s my history dammit and you ignorant ass black fool simply wants to deny your own history.

This is how this conversation will go on forever when the conscious concrete thinking black person decides finally to open his/her eyes to the possibility that we black people actually were indeed here first. They will continue to battle the unconscious black person who will fight until the bitter end to hold onto the lie of enslavement on foreign shores and the long trip over we as black people were taught to believe.
The more the evidence is revealed that buried under years of sediment the truth is being uncovered and the lie of eternity is losing it footings. Who first introduced the lie? What it the enslaved or the entity that enslaved? Who put the lie to paper to insure that the lie would be taught for centuries to come? Was it the enslaved or the entity that enslaved? Who will fight you now to almost the death to insure that the lie lives for time eternal? Is the entity that created the lie? No, now the enslaved will battle to the death to hold onto the myth of all these captured slaves filling up bellies of boats to be enslaved. When already at hand was a people of dark skins that entrusted it faith in peoples with wanton goals of conquest and mayhem. So, why is it important any way that we decide to search for truth when we already are so indoctrinated to the biggest lie in annals of human civilization? Well, for one if we understand that as original inhabitants we have a civilization here. We need not continue to search high and low for our heritage in far off shores. I am not saying that some transportation of slaves from Western African didn’t exist because there is some documentation to secure that reality.

However, when black peoples cannot take our personal stories of genealogy directly to the shores of far off lands. Then maybe just maybe far off lands aren’t where those black people should be searching. The one thing that white europeans understood was that through enslavement they could control the history of not only its people but also ours. They taught themselves this methodology because they practiced it on their own kind for centuries even before they graced the shores of what they called the New World. In conquest of civilizations in Europe they made those who were the booty human captives human slaves. Those who ran rampant on the supposed Old World forced their religious and historical beliefs on the lands they conquered. Why wouldn’t they continue to breed such a horrid methodology of conquest when those same peoples came to these shores. This type of bloody conquest was not common in all parts of the world. So, the had the opportunity to induce a people already here to readily accept these Europeans as friends. Our native black brothers not truly understanding what that decision would mean for not only for them but for every future generation of those who would follow.

The Europeans also had traveled to Africa and knew that people of similar cold and characteristics existed. So why wouldn’t thieves hatch a plan to steal what wasn’t their’s to take? You see this land wasn’t a New World is was our ancestor’s freaking world and it was illegitimately stolen from us. Those Europeans understood that the color of Africans was black not red so they exterminated one race of people and enslaved the other. This is plan so farfetched that it couldn’t be achieved? Oh, apologists will say we have diaries of slave runners, those who chased slave runners, slavery happened because history, the white man’s written history says it happened. Do you truly as a black person really believe anything that came down the pipe of those who savaged our ancestors? How easy is it to beat the history out of a people? Well, I don’t know but this race of people introduced a religion that condoned slavery, and we accepted it? That race of people introduced a religion that told enslaved peoples that death was more welcomed than life and anything suffering in life would guarantee heaven in death? I mean if any race of people trained in the nature of conquest could do it these murderous Europeans had it in them.

That is why it is so difficult for many in our communities to accept that they were lied too because the lie was passed from generation to generation to generation . Many of those who initially began to accept this lie truly didn't understand the magnitude of what that acceptance of that lie would mean to future generations. They simply wanted not be violated any longer, abused mentally and physically any longer, accepting the lie may have meant easing the immediacy of the pain being suffered. Yet, as the lie continued now to be passed not from the initial liar but now the lied too. The lie became even more powerful because what began as a lie is now accepted as the truth compliments of the all powerful subconscious. If that makes any sense now our people will fight you down physically for saying we all didn't originate on slaves ships via the Middle Passage. Even though documented evidence has proven that people the same color with the same physical characteristics as them were on these shores as Europeans came in the 1500-1600's. Those trained conquistadors/conquestors took what was breed into their murderous nature and captured civilizations on shores now known as America. They used the tactics of conquest to steal our lands, history, religions, and everything that defined us as a people before we allowed these barbarians to enter our gates. Now, after centuries, and centuries we as a black people hold on more to the lie than look to unveil the truth because those trained in conquest did it’s job so deplorably well.