Jan. 13, 2016

Man I Love Hue Jackson He's a Sure Enough Winner

My belief is that within two seasons the Cleveland Browns will be playing in playoffs with the hiring this afternoon of Hue Jackson. This is truly one of the greatest hirings in Cleveland Brown's football history. Since the hiring and firing Bill Belichick leaving the league and returning to the league the Browns have done little right. Yet today's hiring of a driven winner and offensive guru will prove to be an outstanding move. You see Hue Jackson, wasn't given a real shot in Oakland when he coached the Raiders for one season because Al Davis was in such a confused state as he neared the end of his life.

Yet even with all those obstacles the team finished 8-8. I was surprised that no other NFL team took a chance with Hue up until today. My hope was that the New York Football Giants would hire Hue Jackson so that my Baltimore Ravens wouldn't have to face him twice a year these games will now be doozies. I love Hue Jackson from admiration from afar he's ahown a deep desire to win, learn, teach and build leaders. Notice that when the Browns play in the coming years. They will have an deep desire to make this man happy. That is what some escapes me when I questioned why he wasn't doning a head coach's cap. Well, this afternoon Hue Jackson is back and watch out AFC Central the Browns are back with him.

I will add this caveat of thought I firmly believe that Hue Jackson will win a playoff game before Marvin Lewis does. As well and I hate to say this because I hate so much the Cleveland Browns but Hue Jackson will lead these Browns to a Super Bowl Championship is he given reigns of the 55 players and hiring of his staff. The management of the Cleveland Brown simply now have to stay out of his way. Cleveland Browns Fans you can now get ready for "Jackson Ball" it's going to be delivered with style. Johnny get out of town because if you aren't willing to sacrifice, learn, and grow Hue Jackson doesn't have any time for no more of your nonsense.