Jan. 15, 2016

Obama's Colorless Strategy Fail


Didn’t Tavis Smiley and Cornell West warn us during his first term that this President was in no way close to being anybody’s black President.
Yet we as a community overlooked his worts and misgivings about being perceived by America as a black President.
So in so many ways he tried to be a colorless President yet for much of his opposition he couldn’t wash off the black even as hard as he tried.
I don’t want to be harsh but he knew no matter how harshly he treated his black base they would never leave the Obama nest.
So he baited us, used us, scorned, and even scolded us to show his colorless aim.
Yet he could have simply attended to us because no matter what he said; if Obama didn’t have Secret Service constantly around him. He, Barack Obama President of the United States couldn't flag down or would have trouble flagging down a cab in New York City because he does in fact have the color he seemingly tried to run from for the past 7 years.