Jan. 17, 2016

How Could Any Person Of Color Feel This Was Appropriate For Our Black Children?

This is indeed indicative of the white washing of our plight in America sadly the whitewashing in many cases has been done by those of the darker hue. That is why it is imperative that our youngest brothers and sisters learn to research our own story and not depend on some of us who speak with forked and confused tongues.
If this foolish author had truthfully encouraged Hercules to put some finely crushed glass in the cake with the support of his enslaved daughter I would be more readily motivated to share this foolishness with our youth. This book is despicable on so many levels to introduce slavery with smiling faces of our enslaved people especially an innocent little girl, well, need I say more?
How could any author make a determination that A Birthday Cake for George Washington is acceptable is beyond me. I don't know maybe I'm simply too conscious now maybe I need to be more asleep like it seems so many of us are today.