Jan. 17, 2016

Burning Inside

"God Damn America and God Damn Black America for accepting this foolishness this man of peace of justice faced and looked death square in the face everyday of his life. He could've taken a presidency of a university, or the largest church in New York City and been a father to his children seeing each of them graduate from college and get married. He could've hugged his grandkids but that wasn't his course in life. King was not financially driven King was justice driven. For so many young black America not to know the real King is disturbing. We have indeed allowed White America to marginalize King to make him simply King on the Mall rather than the revolutionary King who at the time of his death was the most dangerous black man in America to those who dealt out injustice in this country . I also feel Black America is at fault here how many young blacks think his birthday is Monday? How many young blacks know exactly how he was perceived by many at the time of his assassination. We had better wake up because it's not getting better for Black America it's getting worst."