Jan. 18, 2016

62 Divided By 3.5 Billion Equals A Troubling Future America

The 62 Richest People On Earth Now Hold As Much Wealth As The Poorest 3.5 Billion

According to an Huffington Post Article today the following economic disparity news was revealed. Sixty-Two white men have more combined wealth than more than one half the world's population that is 3.5 billion of the world's poorest people. I remember when the number 62 referred the amount of home runs a major league baseball player needed to break Roger Maris's 1961 Home Run Record of 61. Only five years ago that number was 388 men had more combined wealth than half the world's poorest population but the lucky, or can I say greedy allowed those 62 men to erase 326 rich people from their elite list.

Now that disparity symbolizes the greed of the rich who command some much wealth and power it should shame this country and it political leaders that such a disparity of inequalities of wealth exists. You see when 62% of Americans cannot afford a $500.00 emergency and possibly have to declare bankruptcy because of inadequate savings due to that emergency like a car breaking down or a child breaking a bone requiring hospital care. The fact that trillions and trillions of dollars are in hands of so few should make these 61 men quake in fear of the potential negative consequences of such greed.

If people were locusts and God forbid I am not saying they are imagine 3.5 billion locusts attacking 62 of anything? This accumulation of wealth delivers severe results for the American economy because with so much wealth in the hands of so few. How do the rest of Americans have the opportunity to grow the economy? Is the America economy churning on all cylinders when the distribution of wealth is seemingly so one-sided? How can the SCOTUS capitulate with the behemoths of greed and allow their dollars into our supposed American democracy?

Think about this again 62 individuals have more combined wealth than 3.5 billion people more than one half the world's population. Let that sink in; the only way most of us and I mean 99.99 of us will enjoy that type of economic power is if Powerball doesn't have a winner for quite a while and I of the 3.5 billion gets the single winning ticket. We bank on luck, guile, wits and hard work these men bank on shelters, government intervention, and highly paid lobbyists to maintain their wealth. Does anyone except those supernova rich feel that is fair?

Otherwise, the distribution of wealth in America is jaded so severely that it's almost impossible to comprehend. So, on this day that we honor a man who sought not targeted focused accumulation of personal wealth for himself but targeted focused justice and equality for poor peoples across this nation. Think about how Dr. Martin Luther King would feel about that statement of facts?