Jan. 22, 2016

Goats, I Got Goats, Waste I Got Waste, Come on Americans Wake Up Please.

60 second of Thought My Friends

These types of articles sicken me to my very core. While America’s urban infrastructures, schools, housing have been in a constant state of collapse. While America continues to create channels of hopelessness for Americans in need.  This government, our government feels that haste indeed makes waste as these foolish plans are implemented that promotes greed nor protect human need. Programs lines pockets of private and federal administrators who have been sworn to protect tax dollars not so blatantly take measures to clearly show stupidity is the call of the day.

This particular federal task force called the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations spent close to 800 million dollars on economic development in a nation state America literally took to a state of destruction over past 16 years. What is the philosophy “china cabinet foreign intervention” if you break it you must fix it. Well, if this is how America proposes to fix what we destroyed America will be fixing these problem well into the twenty second century.  

How about building a natural gas station, that’s a sound investment right? That would be a good use of 43 million American tax dollars correct? Except for the fact that the average Afghan would have to spend his/her’s entire annual salary to convert a car to run on compressed gas. This is indeed as they say monies down the tank of shame, shame on those who decided to waste so much for a return that provided so little and most of all will eventually be the mechanism to feed so few.

Like that I got another one for you Italian Blond Goats, nine of them, six million dollar program to bring to the mountains of Afghanistan a thriving cashmere market.  Really, six million dollars for the goats and a home for the goats? Really, how could that six million been used to start how many businesses in depressed regions of this nation?  Cashmere, really nine Italian blond goats could’ve at least we researched some goats with a little more soul?  Oh, by the way the nation of Afghanistan already have goats but they aren’t blond? Really, 9 goats 6 million dollars? America, wasted close to 17 billion dollars in Iraq which ultimately filled the pockets of corporations like Halliburton. Yet, America’s policies makers haven’t learned it’s lessons. They continue to feel the need to line the pockets of those who chase our schemes of stupidity for all those unclaimed American tax dollars. 

Want some more stupidity, American tax dollars already been spent on completed Army bases with builded in security you know soldiers in American uniforms.  Those government employees truly want to feel safe working in a destabilized nation would indeed choose those compounds of security correct? Well, hell no we need to put aside 20% of the tax payers budgets to move into villas with the following requirements: Villas with no less than queen beds, flat-screen TVs of no less than 27 inches, meals of at least three stars, and round-the-clock bodyguards. Yeah, put me in a secure army base hell no especially when villas can be so readily available. 

These great economic minds recruited with our American tax dollars to bring a bewildered nation from the dark ages to the bright spectrum of economic independence. Can do that without living in villas now? Who do you think we are? This absolute failed attempt to bring private industry to a war torn nation was indeed recently shutdown yet with not target points or mechanisms to pinpoint success or failure this program was indeed doomed to fail from the beginning. I’m sure that pockets as per usual were lined for those who were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in this debacle. Didn’t Senator Claire McCaskill, from Missouri even question what those who derived these plans were smoking or taking when meeting?  For those who continue to starve in Afghanistan my question is since no one is left to mind the plans already implemented. You have to wonder how blond Italian goats taste? Since these people needed food not nonsense. For any American that can in his/her’s right mind feel that this is an acceptable use of our tax dollars. Please take a ride into any depressed American urban area and wonder how those dollars could have enriched the lives of those suffering daily on our shores?