Jan. 27, 2016

Football Fever, It Can Indeed Be Deadly and Habit Forming


Oh I understand that these activities are the normalcy of the buildup to the National Football League College Players Draft. Yet, they harken back to days when our male ancestors were lead like cattle to the slave blocks to be sold to the highest bidder. On a day when I read that a former professional football player Tyler Sash age 27 who was found dead last September and whose brain was donated to be evaluated for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE was confirmed yesterday. According to the New York Times’ report, the disease had advanced to a stage rarely seen in someone his age. The Times report also says the severity of CTE in Sash’s brain was similar to the level found in the brain of former NFL Hall-of-Famer Junior Seau, who committed suicide in 2012 at age 43.

Then I see this photo of Shawn Oakman aligned with scouting reports coming those players participating in this week's upcoming Senior Bowl. How much, just how much will a 6 foot 7 inch 269 pound player fetch on the open market? How much, just how much damage can he inflict on his fellow brothers on the field of play? Can Shawn Oakman, defensive end from Baylor University be that player that offenses fear? Will he also make the football players he hits in anger brains disappear? So as we await next week's penultimate game to be played in Santa Clara California's Levi Stadium the excitement for Panther vs. Broncos will continue to build up. The audiences for next Sunday's Super Bowl game will literally number in the hundreds of millions of people. This is for all the marbles they will say but just how many mental marbles will be lost by those playing in the actual game?

So, as the this season unfolds and closes out a new season arises and willing participants seeking fortune and fame. Will attempt to transverse their individual talents into huge gains. Yet, my thought this morning wanders back historically to those of my ancestors who were poked and prodded on slave blocks. These men and women all awaiting the call of auctioneer that would seal the fate and send them all off to arenas of constant hate, plantations. Are we still enslaved to be the pawns of few with maximize efforts that amuse even us too? I'll post this combined meme and ask the question why do human markets still curry favor and circumstances still allow those to force upon us undue labor? The league, the National Football League combines 32 plantations with 32 plantation owners to amuse us all with 2,144 agents of pain hoping to devastate and destroy for fame and fortune. Yet, no one can answer just how much personal damage can be that player himself claim. The game we grew up loving had deep dark secrets and now we know that those secrets mean many of those players end up in deep dark places recessed in minds locked out for fortune and fame too some of which is never to be claimed.

So when the final game concludes this season and the draft portends the beginning of another ask yourself are we all simply tools used to build and continue bad behavior?