Jan. 29, 2016

Ray, Ray, Ray Hey Ray Where Are You, Ray?

This morning on another social media site America's moon landing in 1969 again came into question from inquiring minds. In my lifetime I have been able to witness many outstanding scientific accomplishments. Man have traveled supposedly to the moon and back. Man has ventured on the outskirts of our very own solar system not physically but with vessels capable of enormous flights. Yet we still have those that wonder about the enormity of these accomplishments? Heck, we have people adamant that the world is flat even thought that question was resolved supposedly centuries back.
My question this morning is the following if from 1960 when President Kennedy made it America's mission to land a man on the moon and return him home within a decade's worth of time. This incredible feat that actually only took a mere 9 years not 10. Why hasn't the same bright minds with enormously more resources haven't been able in 46 years been able to send a man to the nearest planet Mars and return him home? I mean the technology that proffered the moon landing has jump off the charts literally these almost five decades. It does make me question whether the moon landing in itself was a hoax bent on glancing America, and Americans sights away from the problems that were troubling the country at time in this country.
Hey, maybe American ingenuity did in fact make Kennedy's declaration reality but it seemed that the next step wouldn't have taken so incredibly long. Yes, we have visited other planets with unmanned crafts but not a manned craft. The availability of resources from the Moon, and Mars could've possibility assisted this world in solving some of its issues. I'm not going to join the legend of wacky theorists that have us doing this big production in Arizona's deserts to confuse the nation into believing fiction over fact. My simple question is why hasn't some other person beside Ray Walston become "my favorite martian" in 47 years? You have to be of my age to understand that quip but still you can go to the moon in less than 10 with computers with what the power less than that of a Mini iPad yet nothing manned has made that journey?
It makes you wonder or at least makes me wonder whether those Arizona deserts do in fact have the answer to that question perplexing me today.